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Formation Recce do phase1 where?

to do this trade you go winchester right? or pirbright? because it was changing early 2008 or 09 wasnt it? or one is going to be JE only or whatever I don't know they mess shit about all the time...

(formation recce - Tank Crewman (Recconnaisance) by the way for walts, civvies and people wondering wtf...)

I went catterick which is quiet simple....Adult, Inf, go to catterick...lol the rest is confusing...
"I went catterick"

...thank you so much for the location of where junior entrants are trained...if I was a trained soldier(at catterick, refer to above quote) when I left the army am I a junior entrant? (never mind the other hint that im rejoining the army) 8O

clue: NO :lol:

good day :D

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