Formation of 131 Cdo RE - 302 Troop Bath

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Copperhead, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. Is there any information regarding the opening of 302 Troop at Bath?
  2. From What I'm aware the regular staff should be moving in soon. Ther is talk of erecting ropes and all that palava in the TAC carpark and between buildings for the regain things. Beware if you join you will have the smallest TAC in the world as they are only taking over the area left by the LI Recce Platoon that left. IMHO I think they might find it hard to recruit Bath isn't they best place for recruiting although the surrounding areas arn't too bad.
  3. Do you know which Drill Night they are intending to use? Understand they are sharing the place with another unit!
  4. I would imagine it would be a Tuesday which is when the LI paraded.

    THe other Unit is 43 Signal Sqn
  5. I thought that Bath units were part of the RLC? :jocolor:
  6. As a subaltern I organised a Troop Dinner, a Troop Quiz and a Troop Treasure Hunt - but never a Troop Bath. Shame really.
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  7. Thread resurrection aside, is anyone on here currently serving in 131 in Bath?
  8. Fraudstar, pm me if you are still looking for info on 131.