Formation Day celebrations

The Corps formation day is rapidly approaching, sometime in April if I recall, so how about an excuse for a bit of do?

Plant the seed of an idea into your Troopy now and look forward to days off, free ale and renditions of "in my day" by all the old sweats.

Wear the TRF with pride :roll: and write a storming article for the Sustainer mentioning ARRSE at least five times.
Has it occurred to the old and bold, who clearly don’t care about the Corps birthday, that there may be people out there who want to feel like they belong to something historical? Who wish to have a wider identity and shared sense of purpose. I’m starting to feel a bit bitter and twisted but I can still recognise the desire in young Subbies to have entered into some form of corporate ethos; something bigger than themselves!

………..And anyway even the most cynical, RAOC stable belt wearers, 1 ADTR dit spinners and ex Master Chefs cannot deny how increasingly infrequent all dayers are becoming. In this day and age when we need an iron clad excuse to have a session why are we seemingly denying our best reason?
Ford makes a good point.

I'm willing to drink to the formation of my own farts :oops: , so the thought of a day off to celebrate the formation of a Corps (whichever one...) sounds like a rare old giraffe! :lol:

So close to St George's Day as well - one long 3 week session? :wink:
Am totally up for an all dayer to celebrate our glorious Corp, Not that i need an excuse to get drunk. On a serious note it might start to build some kind of personality for the Corp
When someone asked you what Corp you are in dont look at the floor and scuff your feet,Remember that what we do affects everyones outcome.
Ford has a very valid point. Until the old farts are RLC though and through, we will still hang on to the attitude that the RLC is somewhat inferior to the individual forming Corps. Sadly, I think this will take some years to achieve. But, there is a need to develop a RLC esprit through Corps Forming Day sessions. I'll drink to that.
Question for you all...............

Corps day, who's or what's it for? Old and Bold? Recruiting? Locals to Deepcut? Keep the Army in the public eye? Retention of young soldiers? or just a good excuse to go on the lash?

No WAH attached to this, just got asked the same question a few days ago and wondered what peoples thoughts were.
........there is also a need to engender an espirt de corps in the younger soldiers and senior personnel have a duty to do that. I await April the 6th when people post on here what they did / didn't do.
Can we confirm Corp Formation Day 3rd or 6th of April
Baldrick66 said:
Question for you all...............

Corps day, who's or what's it for? Old and Bold? Recruiting? Locals to Deepcut? Keep the Army in the public eye? Retention of young soldiers? or just a good excuse to go on the lash?

No WAH attached to this, just got asked the same question a few days ago and wondered what peoples thoughts were.
I believe it should be part of wider measures to engender pride in something bigger than ones self. I met a guy on a ferry a few weeks ago who had served in Germany, when I asked him who with he said "oh erm just the RLC." I was a bit taken aback. He was a driver in the RLC, yet unlike drivers in the RE or in the RCT there was no inherent pride, the job is the same, I dare say the barb test scores (or equivalent) haven't changed. So what went wrong?

Pride / Espirit de corps is a retention factor, my point being that there was seemingly only superficial changes when the Corps formed yet somehow pride went out of the window. I don't believe its an age thing either. There may be still Seaforths and Gordons kicking around but they are still proud to be Highlanders and will no doubt still be proud to be X Bn the Scottish Regt. People do take pride in belonging to certain Sqns and Regts at certain periods of time, however, as people trickle post you can return to your beloved Unit 2 years after leaving and not recognise anyone, that is why there is a requirement for a wider Corps identity.

.......and yes its a good excuse to go on the lash!
I was one of the first to join the RLC in my trade, joined in April 93 have always been proud of the Corp. But it seems for people within the RLC its more of a trade pride than a Corp pride, this is where we differ from other Corps
Its still the fact that younger guys who go home and are asked what Corp they are in?? When they reply, RLC most civvys and Old soldiers will say WHO????
The Corp needs to push itself forward into the limelight and stop feeling like the New boy.We do a hard job and we do it f***ing well instill some pride in your guys and it might rub off
We seem to field a team for every sport and do well. I know people will say Cant be much work on if we can afford to send troops away to all these events, But its not skivving to represent your Corp
Be proud guys Remember without us NO ONE GOES ANYWHERE.
Thanks for the confirmation
Nicely put guys

But who is it all for?

Like all Units, not just RLC. Corps or Regimental Days

If it's for comrades, should they be bussed in from all over the place?. Likewise recruits or young soldiers from units?
Should advertising go national or just local?
Should the Corp sporting Celebs get involved? Carrington Cup on Corps Day?

Should it happen at all? Why Spend the money?

It will be interesting to see how the comments progress over the next few days. After all the RLC is the largest Corps, With the largest number of Arrser's (R Sigs may disagree but then not everyone has IGS!)

Lets get the old and bold involved, Bus in the younger lads and make it a Corp day. Lets not fall into the trap of my trades better than your trade recruiting stands like we do at other events.Something needs to be done to draw the whole Corp together.Local papers only reach Local people.
The Army and Navy game is a perfect forum for younger guys to get involved with the Esprit d Corp but again it seems its just the old and bold that go to such events.Dont mean to upset anybody but WHY SPEND THE MONEY???? how about we reap what we sow! Lets make the RLC a first choice rather than an afterthought.
I thank you. Just me getting on that very high horse
We should be proud of our Corps, regardless of what Cap Badge we came from we owe it to our founder members to carry on the time honoured traditions that we always did. Be proud of what we are and send out a positive note to our younger lads who want to be part of something special and talk about it for years to come. Even if it just starting the day with a glass of port of champers it means something. Many posters on here complain about tradions in the Army dying, the majority on this board are in a position to change that and it does not have to invole going out and getting absolutely shedded, but should be something memorable. For christ sake we are our own worst enemies at times, so many are tied up impressing the wrong people, without the young soldiers we are nothing we need to have a bit of conviction and make things happen, starting at JNCO level, come on now WE SUSTAIN!
Have the day off so will start the day of with a glass of port and then carry on the motion very proud of my Corp.
Could a lot of the problems of the Corps down to the name? I remember hearing that we were going to be called the RLC and most were disapointed with it. We were hoping for something along the lines of the Royal Army Service Corps ect. Yes it's an old title but still holds it's relevence today and it would be easier for people to have an understanding of what we are about. Wasn't there a few names banded about at the time of the announcment? I'm not ashamed to be in the RLC having served in 2 of the founding Corps RCT&RE however I think the name could have been better chosen and not just a buzzword at the time dreamed up by some PR type in the city at a massive cost to the taxpayer.
Perhaps in the next 5-10 years things will settle down as the older ones from the founding Corps leave/die/retire thus leaving the my Corps was better/bigger than yours attitude in the past
I'll stop talking b0ll0x now and get me tea :lol:

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