Formation Badges in the DLO

While recently visiting the North Hampshire resettlement home for geriatric logisticians, I couldn’t help but notice that not one of the inmates sported any form of joint formation badge. Many were bare-armed, several wore Field Force patches with a “just visiting, I don’t work here” attitude.

Is this lack of corporate identity shame, humiliation or is it simply that no one has thought to issue a DLO patch?
I believe there isn't a DLO flash. Why should there be? We have enough flashes and patches and badges on our 95 kit at the moment without adding to the mix with agencies and organisation badges.
Is this a piss take?
A DLO formation badge when the organisation is 75% snivel cervants!

IMHO such formation badges are "Boy Scoutish" and, along with TRFs, should be banned. After all, we are not supposed to tell the enemy what unit we belong to so why make it obvious from our uniform.
What we gonna do with a DLO flash - make the civvies sew onto their suits?

Theres enough badgery running around at the minute to make your eys spin anyway introducing another totally un-warranted and un-necessay badge is just as plainly barking as the rest of 'em are......

Dont forget - "Dont tell them your name Pike..." - thats the only thing they wont be able to work out for themselves these days......................
Thought you were talking about Formation badges not TRF's. Either way CS95 not designed to sew badges onto was it?

Hey Ho best get down the scouts for a few proficiency badges.................
I thought formation badges & TRFs were the same thing, sounds as if they're not,
Formation badge = "hi, I'm in 52 Bde"
TRF = "Hi, I'm a truckkie"?


If I had the misfortune to be posted to the DLO I would probably want to keep quiet about it, not advertise the fact.

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