Formal valediction

Discussion in 'Officers' started by devexwarrior, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. All the versions of JSP 101 I can find on Armynet are the new type without formal letters. Does anyone have the correct format of the valediction ie

    I have the honour to be etc etc

  2. I have the honour to remain... your most humble and obedient servant

    This is used when addressing certain dignified personages, such as heads of state. E.g. "I have the honour to remain, Sir, Your Excellency's most humble and obedient servant".
  3. I have the Honour to be,
    Your obedient Servant,


    Is how my marked up (old) copy of 101 has it....
  4. Well copied from Wikipedia/valediction (an interesting link nonetheless) but doesn't quite sound right, especially in British Military terms.

    Alfred, I'd say yours is spot on.
  5. Note the order of capitalisation, very important!

    And the letter should open with:


    I have the honour to request/submit......

    Enjoy writing!
  6. Served tri-service. Wing Co pointed out that we (Army blokes) were not signing our reports 'properly' I was forced to point out that we rarely considered it an honour, never were servants and so could not remain. Obedience didn't come into it.
    The sig blocks remained as tradition.
  7. Thanks one and all esp A-t-G. Got the commas and Caps sorted now.