Formal Recruiters Interview

Orite lads just after a bit of advice, got my interview with my recruiter next week.

I've just got a decent suit, so i don't look like a total chav sitting in the office, I've also thoroughly learnt my job briefs.

But is there any other questions I am likley to be asked? Just want to be fully prepared.

Any advice much appreicated :)
is this just to chat about joining or are you already in the process?
They usually want to see a bit of personality and hobbies interests etc. if you've travelled let them know, they seemed interested when i mentioned that.
The interview turns out to be more of a chat. They'll ask a little bit about what you enjoy doing, about your family etc, just to see what makes you tick. This will probably be passed onto your training Regiment for them to see who they've got turning up in the next month or so.
Good to see you've got your suit sorted, just be confident in there and answer their questions honestly.


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