Formal Qualifications


It's been a while, now, since Intelligence and Securiy have had formal qualifications available. Having helped members who have undertaken the MA in Intelligence and Security Studies available from Brunel University and seen even those who have very little experience with the subject obtain the MA, I remember the time when it was suggested that D. Int was negotiating formal qualifications for all members of the Corps. Needless to say, nothing ever transpired whilst I was serving.

Having attended the MA course prior to being discharged, I wonder why we never did get these qualifications as standard. Compared to some of the tutors, I've known members of the Corps whose understanding of Intelligence and/or Security was so much more comprehensive (Karl was one that sprang to mind) and yet their knowledge, ability and skill received no formal qualification. Why was this? How is it that some officers, who do not have the depth of understanding as the soldiers, can get some great employment just because they were an officer in the Corps whereas those with the true knowledge and experience don't have a look in. If the soldiers were given formal qualifications up to MA level then things may be different (unless the job was more management based). It's unfortunate that the requirements of a Ph. D. requires so much published work as there are members that could breeze that level of understanding.

I am not aware if things have changed but, if not, then it's high time they were.

(Just something that has been bugging me for a few years, now).