Formal Interviews Tomorrow... Help!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by JokerR, Nov 11, 2008.

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  1. Iv got 2 formal interviews tomorrow, my recruiter says that if i get through his interview OK he's going to stick me in front of the senior recruiter tomorrow too :eek:

    Iv got my run time down to 10.46 (this morning) and my fitness is pretty good, but I'm dreading this interview! any tips?

  2. Yup.....relax. You'll be fine.
  3. yeah, i just have a feeling im gonna fcuk it up
  4. It's more of a chat than an interview. Be yourself, be honest, and enjoy it. You'll be ok.
  5. Joker, take the advice that Smudge has given you.

    The Army needs keen young blokes, they will do all they can to help you

    through the interview. Good luck old son and let us know how you got

  6. Mate I had both formal interviews last week and flew through them, key thing is to relax. Also, if you haven't made any notes yet on some obvious answers you will be asked then do so NOW, and read em over n over n over, it will help you hella good.
  7. Don't forget your appearance is important too so a shave and shoeshine before you leave the house is a good idea
  8. Also -

    Firm handshake, Morning SIR how are you... address your interviewer properly!
  9. Wear a smart suit, polished shoes, no crap, grease or gel in your hair, shirt and tie which don't clash horribly; first impressions can make all the difference. Addressing the staff properly is important too.

    You'll be asked a few service knowledge questions; mostly simple things to gauge how much you've researched the army, like where we are operating, weapons, who you might want to join, what they do etc. You'll be asked for your opinions on various things, especially your attitude toward taking life as part of your job. Think carefully what you'll say.

    Otherwise try to relax; they'll expect you to be a bit nervous, and the aim of the day is for you to learn something as well.
  10. I suspect the second interview is there just to make sure your not a lying cnut!

    I went into both of my interviews and came out after about 10 mins "You seem to have learnt what I asked you to, and a bit more, come back shortly and we will sort out a selection date."
  11. if u have both interviews on the same day good luck i had my 2nd interview the day after and had to do my icebreaker in it, which was terrible as i had one day to prepare but i still passed he told me i woulda got 2 points out of a possible 8.
  12. I had them a week apart.
  13. Iv got my first formal on friday and also possibly my second. My recruiter said if my medical docs have been passed by friday the senior recruiter will also see me then.
    If i do have my second one also, will I get dates for selection there and then?
  14. No you will be asked if there are any dates you cannot make and how much notice you would need to give work (if working) to attend ADSC, your report will be written and dates available would be added to your file, this goes to ADSC who comes back with a date you can attend, you would then be contacted to see if your available for them dates, If yes joining instructions and travel warrent will be sent to you. If not ADSC would be contacted with dates you can attend and they will try and fit you in or just give other available dates.
  15. While I think its covered in the application form regards to notice required for an ADSC date following sucessfull interviews, they will check again as some people circumstances change, especially if its taken months to get to the ADSC stage.