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Hi i just did my medical and have my formal interview coming up, i know that i need to dress smart, shave, have a haircut e.t.c

Are there any tips for getting through easier, i know that i have to read alot of information about the choices in careers i have made. Are there any other major things i should research???
nothing to worry about fella

go in with ya head screwed on, smart, confident, no 1 word answers, and have a knowledge on ya 3 job choices... where they train, how long it is etc

good luck lad, you'll breeze it
A little bit of current affairs wouldnt hurt. Opinions on Iraq/Afghan etc (not, its fcuking shit and all about oil(we all know that anyway!))
Normally within two weeks of taking the BARB test you will be interviewed by a recruiter. You will be asked about your home life and family, school and education, sports, hobbies and interests. You will also be asked why you want to be a soldier, why the role you have selected and what you know about the Army and the training you will have to complete. A basic understanding of where the Army is deployed too is expected however, this is not critical to your overall interview.This interview is not to catch you out. The recruiter is their to help you get in not to stop you. If there are any problems they will talk about it to see how they can help.
I also have an interview coming up but with a retired colonel as part of my officer application, i assume dressing smart would make sense but what else do i need, or should i expect?

If anybody has applied to officer before please let me know.

Rob Spurr
As with all initerviews (Mil or Civvi)

The interviewer (s) make an opinion of you within the first 30 seconds - and thats before you even speak a word!

How you dress will impress immediately what type of person you are.

How you conduct yourself - how you sit in the chair (slouched back in the chair with your arms crossed and feet on the desk is NOT recommended)

The manner in which you reply to the questions - dont waffle!

Your manner etc says more about you than the words you wrote on the forms

Expect an 'upsetter' question - what would you do if your application was unsuccessful? its meant to test your reactions
wear a dark sensible suit with a crisp white long sleeve shirt - preferably brand new as it will be more whiter than an old one, sensible tie and clean shoes.

Don't wear white socks!
gooseman said:
wear a dark sensible suit with a crisp white long sleeve shirt - preferably brand new as it will be more whiter than an old one, sensible tie and clean shoes.

Don't wear white socks!

what, not even christmas sports specials??
I'll echo all the above, same with any interview really. Go in smart, as gooseman says NO white socks, don't sit until told too, don't fold your arms, accept a brew if offered, clear confident answer's (don't mumble), don't waffle and don't bullsh!t. Soldiers are expert at detecting bullsh!t. Don't let your mind wander, don't keep looking out the window or at your watch. Eyeball the guy interviewing you, it'll make you look confident.

And last but not least - GOOD LUCK.



Also remember that the army is not in the position of turning away hoardes of potential recruits. Whilst the interview should not be taken lightly, you should also recognise that the interviewer will be keen to pass you, provided you do not make a total cods of it.
I assume that applies to selection as well which although i am looking foward to have been getting nervous about.

Anyone else off to pirbright tomoro?????
Selection is just that. You have to meet set standards and show you have the potential to make it as a soldier. The key is they look for those that they believe have a 90% chance of passing basic first time. Do your best in all events. They would rather see the guy who just makes the run time and throws up on the line than the one that does an average time but not really had to break sweat to do it.

Best of luck

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