Formal Interview At The Recruitment Office.

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by MarkP, Jun 10, 2007.

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  1. Hi,

    I am helping my son prepare for his interview at the local recruitment office. Does anyone have any comments that I can pass on to my son?

    What type of questions does he ask?

    What kind of questions will the interviewer ask?

    Many thanks for any help provided.

  2. well when i went they there was 2 seperate interviews, the recruiter and the office commander..
    they both ask similar questions:

    why do you want to join the army?
    what are u doing at the moment (job wise)?
    how do you get along with your family, what do they think about you joining up?
    how long have you thought about going into the army?
    what do you think you will get out of the army?
    what do you think you can contribute towards the army?
    what have you been doing to prepare yourself for the army? how many heaves can you you do, how fast can you do the mile and a half?
    think thats about it..
  3. Many thanks for the reply, much appreciated.
  4. just remember the guy interviewing him aint there to stop him from joining or to even make it hard on his app.

    he just wants to make sure that your son fully understands what it means to join the army and if hes 100% sure that he wants this

    if he does then am sure he will float though it

    and tell him the most important interview he will have is the one at his selection day....the sgt major sits behind his desk and you sit on a small chair placed 5 foot away from his make sure his nerves dont get the best of mine nearly did....pass my gd luck to him for me
  5. They will also ask about the 3 jobs that he has selected, where phase 1 training is located and what you will learn and also location of phase 2 training (trade traning) and what you will learn. Oh and they also asked me how my fitness was going run time etc

    good luck to your son

  6. Also helps to learn abit about each of his job choices too, or it did for me. But gibbo is right, the interview at selection is the most important one, i had mine with a Major from RMP :x Top bloke though. Best of luck to your son anyway!
  7. Cheers to all the replies given so far.

    He went to his interview this morning at 11am and I told him to be confident and give honest answers, explain that he has not done any heaves at the moment because we do not have the equipment or space at home (I know that is no excuse) but he is working on his running and he goes cycling with me and attempts to do at least 20 miles a day to build up his fitness.

    His desire is to join the Irish Guards and just do infantry, he hasn't thought much about doing a trade, I have told him he must at least think about doing some sort of trade as it will help him when he leaves the army in the future.
  8. He will be scored on his appearance. No need for a three piece suit from a swish tailor, but a shirt and tie is a must.
  9. is a tie really a must? as i was planning on going with just a shirt, some plain black trousers and shoes, it it absolutely vital that i wear a tie?....or is this just your oppinion?
  10. He went this morning for his interview, I went down with him just to give him some encouragement and a bit more advice.

    Told him to be honest. He admitted he hasn't done any heaves at the moment (looking at getting him in to the local council run fitness centres for the next month or so)

    He did some extra research on his regiment of choice (Irish Guards - wants to join as his Uncle was in the IG's before having a transfer last year to the RMP). I think he did enough to impress as he discussed when the regiment was founded etc.

    He has his second interview July 18th, so hopefully I will be able to help get his fitness up even more by the time that comes around.

    The advice given on here was very helpful. I can't thank you enough.
  11. Glad it's all going well for your son. Maybe you should encourage him to lurk around the site abit, or even join.

    Tell him good luck with his interview next month.

  12. Just my opinion, turn up in flip flops and shorts for all I care as I will still be getting paid but I know for a fact you are scored on your appearance for interview.
  13. Interviewers always like it if you try to dress smartly. Not having a tie might not make you crash and burn at the interview - but why not give yourself the best possible chance of succeeding?
  14. I've asked him to keep an eye on the site and read anything that catches his eye.

  15. i would agree with this - transfered from one to corps to another and had an interview - walked in smartly dressed - shirt tie blazer (not regimental of course) - Lt Col interviewing me said i had already passed - last person he had infront of him was Cpl who turned up with daffy duck tie on, white socks no blazer.

    then again maybe the £50 note i had tucked into my breast pocket worked as well.