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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by brettyboy69, Apr 2, 2008.

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  1. well iv got my interview on the 9th, was just wondering should i wear a shirt a tie or what?

    and any tips?

    thanks alot.
  2. Always were a suit and tie for an interview, no matter what your joining as.
  3. Hey, I had a suit on for my interveiw. Best thing is to keep calm, its not that bad!. Just remember not to mumble, keep a clear voice and always keep a smart position i.e no sitting with hands in pockets etc. Go in with a positive attitude and use your initative and you'll be fine :D
  4. thanks everyone for the advice :)
  5. Just remember, they're there to help you. Go in feeling calm and confident, not cocky mind! Just try and gather as much info from the chap as you can... as it's you who is wanting to get a job, and they're the one's who's job it is to get you into what you want to do. ;)
  6. What type of questions do they ask you exactly?
  7. In the interveiw they ask questions on personal life as well as your fitness i.e pull ups, push ups and 1.5 mile run time. They also ask a bit about your places of responsibilty and confirm your application. In my interveiw the recruiting staff also asked a bit about the current army deployments although I do not know if they ask everyone this question.
  8. We get interviewed by an officer right?

    So we need to say "Sir"?
    And salute (specifically where and when)?

    I was in the ACF before I sent in my application for the infantry so I remember having to do these things. I havn't had my interview yet.
    Could someone please let me know.
  9. Riggsy, it should be the recruiting sergeant who interveiws you and I never said sir in my interveiw, he is an NCO not an officer. As for saluting if an officer interveiws you, dont worry about it :)
  10. Ok thanks.
  11. Well you were taught wrong then, you have to have a beret on to salute.