Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Dubreyfirkin, Feb 20, 2009.

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  1. Recent viewing of thread on 2 MI Bn GW was interesting to note. However surprisingly no mention of FORM Cycle and how Int Corps fits into it. Notwithstanding that FORM will evolve shortly, at present PDT, as represented in the FORM cycle, is the responsibility of the associated deploying formation, not 1 MI Bde. What use would a 1 MI Bde ex be....
    Pulling pin.........
  2. just wondering... why did you start a complete new thread for this, rather than contributing to the GW thread where everybody else is discussing the merits of a 1 MI Bde ex...?
  3. Ok was feeling confident now Im wondering what is FORM or The FORM CYCLE???????

    Ok panic over Figured it out
  4. Being of a previous vintage ... 'Form' would be the precautionary word of command and 'Cycle' the executive, whereupon we would throw our right legs across the crossbars of our bicycles, observe the regulation pause, then cycle off. Or am I missing something? Nurse!
  5. My God! You remember the bicycle drill at Sandhurst, pull up a zimmer frame and have a glass of port.
  6. Mate, if it was Sandhurst I must have been the man edging the lawn or weeding between the rose bushes or some such. I was a sojah!
  7. That's your opinion. I remember the state of your OGs.
  8. They were ironed flat - the way they should have been. OGs and Levis. Anyway, who says a sojah can't be unkempt and disorderly? I know I was. Always dodging CSMs - until I became one.