Form 683 for Bowman Kit

Sorry if this sounds a really stupid question.

Can anyone advise me how to find the elusive Form 683? I need to get some damaged Bowman kit replaced, but it's all been returned to me with a message that I need to fill in Form 683.

Unfortunately, no-one in my troop has ever seen a Form 683 or knows where to find one.

I browsed through the Army, LAND and MOD forms on DII, but couldn't find anything with that number. I found plenty of other forms, everything from equine ration accounts to a chimney cleaning certificate!

In the past, we just filled in a Job Indent form 1045 and the 'powers that be' seemed happy.

Thanks very much to anyone out there who can help!
Assuming you don't have any in your unit you just order them with the rest of your mil forms. They usually live with the Techs in all the units I've been at, although it's meant to be operators who fill them out. You won't find them online because they're all individually numbered to enable faults to be traced through the system.

They're filled in alongside 1045/1084/1043s and are used to help the 'powers that be' (ie USSO) spot patterns in faults and find solutions to repair them (ie, they get 100 IRs telling them that a certain fuse always blows on a certain bit of kit they can investigate and either find a mod to repair an electrical fault or they can change the size of the fuse used as required).
I see, thanks very much for your help. I'll ask my stores to order them in that case. I never expected such a prompt reply - much appreciated.

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