Forgotten voices of the falklands

Reading this at the minute, compiled by Hugh McManners

Personal views, accounts and perspectives of the War

I'm suprised at the differing stances taken and what appears to be vehemence of some of the tactical differences and even the huge difference in crew moral and attitudes about the war among the various vessels

I haven't even got to the land campaign yet....

The "Missuse" of the harriers off the hermes stands out.

An interesting if sobering read
Just read this on holiday - I served with Hugh McManners and knew a number of characters in the book. I have a couple of criticisms in that each chapter tends to go back to square one and gets a bit out of sequence, disturbing the flow. Also, in some areas it lacked balance - we've all seen interviews with Sharkey Ward and know how outspoken he is, but it would have been interesting to read interviews with Hermes pilots to counter-balance his allegations. However, an interesting read and certainly well researched - as the years roll by, more and more little secrets and reasons why things were done a certain way come out of the woodwork.
Yep Sharkie Ward really sticks it in through the book


I think I'm probably at the point in the book thegimp was when he posted. The fact that you are getting the individuals story in their words and not an authors attempts at a balanced contextualized description makes it a very resonant read for me. Linda Kitsons contributions are quite interesting.

I agree about the conflicting opinions being expressed. On the other hand the accounts also make clear that the timescale for the original plans was very, very compressed and once theyd launched the task force they could fiddle about with some things but couldn't really adjust any others.

I hadn't realised that the seriousness (in terms of loss of life and fighting power) of the RFAs being bombed at Bluff Cove was largely a function of a decision by the Welsh Guards headshed to saty on board and wait for landing craft to avoid having to walk around a water body rather than get on shore at the earliest opportunity. It made me think of this contribution by Dwarf. LINK
Linda Kitsons observations are sometimes quiet strange, but add something to the mix, also the journo attitudes are interesting

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