"Forgotten Voices" - Hugh McManners

Just started reading this cracking book and was honoured enough to recently be at his book reading + signing - well worth the trip.

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to ask him about skiffing and other arrsery things - but he made a great comment about naval gunfire "it's incredibly accurate, I mean the first shot can go absolutely anywhere but after that you can adjust in with great accuracy"

Editted to add that perhaps he is an arrser after all... Water Sports: An Outdoor Activity Handbook by Hugh McManners :D :D


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Well worth a read just finished it go out and get it


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Half way through now - a very good read. Interesting to read some of the (not very polite) views about Admiral Woodward and his staff.
I will seek this out. "Scars of War" was excellent.
Both Scars of War and Forgotten Voices of the Falklands War are excellent books. His book about his service with 148 Bty during the Falklands conflict is a cracking read .

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