Forgotten Trades of the Corps

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by plant_life, Jun 17, 2012.

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  1. Looking at some of the major projects the Corps has undertaken in the past, such as the tunnels in Gibraltar, it makes me wonder what trades the Corps has given up over the years. Does anybody know/remember any of these as I'm quite interested to find out a bit more about what the Corps used to get up to.
  2. The Apple Corps,they tinkered with early versions of the pc.
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  3. I knew a guy in the sixties who had trained as a wheelwright
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    They used to have ships!
  5. Still do have some boats, but not sure where the current requirement for boat ops is.
  6. A list of RE company and section types from 1918;-
    Special (Gas)
    Land Drainage
    Electrical and Mechanical
    Army WorkshopField Survey
    Sound Ranging
    Observation (Flash Spotting)
    Pontoon Park
    Base Park
    Artisan Works
    Works (Transportation)
    Barge Filtration (don't look at me!)
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    Boring, ha ha ha!

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  8. Military Railway Trades transferred to the RCT in 1965, then the RLC and now disbanded for the Regs. Still one TA Troop (275) left.
  9. Pilot, per chance?
  10. Combat Engineering. :-(
  11. Road Sweeper. My first job with 2 AES in Hohne. :blank:
  12. Didnt the RE build the ammo depot tunnels under corsham in the 1930s?
  13. Unlikely that combat engineering is a forgotten art (let some of the Cold War stuff) as it's all we've been doing for the last 10 years nearly. I am going on about the skilled trade work which is now either completely forgottne or simply passed over to a contractor to do as we don't have the capability to do it.
  14. Wasnt there a "light and power" trade (or troop)?