Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bowser-Mong, Aug 31, 2006.

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  1. In the Daily Mail yesterday (31/08/06) there was an article (sorry no link) about the brave people who come back from somewhere and are discarded by a seemingly ungrateful country. It also mentioned how the Army Benevolent Fund has helped service men and women in times of trouble. One person was a soldier who was an ambulance commander who was allegedly "turfed out" of RAF Halton and had to thumb a lift back oop north. He wrote a letter to his MP (GUESS WHO) thats right kids TONY A55H0LE Blair and his letter was unsurprisingly ignored. Do any of you arrsers have any thoughts on this???
  2. Are you talking about recently or in years gone by? Generally I would not expect the country as a whole to be grateful especially when it is not totally supportive of the war in Iraq. The ambulance commander? Just sounds like a hard luck story, no worse than any other. Big deal, he didn't have a warrant to get home. And what do you mean turfed out? No one wakes up in the morning and finds themself suddenly told to fcuk off out of barracks and never come back (though I've wished it several times)! There's much more to it than that. We need a link.
  3. He wasn't turfed out of a barracks. He was injured in theatre then reportedly flown back to UK for treatment. On arrival at said RAF base he was told to 'book in with his GP' and left to find his own way home which he did by hitching. The report further stated that it was the ABF that helped fund his treatment and he would not be the first/or the last to be thrown on the scrap heap now that we don't have the medical back up we used to have seeing as it was culled under the guise that 'the NHS can do it' :roll:
  4. I seem to recall something about the incident being debated in here a long while ago...
  5. Without a link I can't comment further.

    However, I was injured in Gulf 1, was flown with the other accident prone mongs back to Woolwich Mil Hosp. After a slap from the Doc. and told to be more careful in future I was given soma SA clothing that made me look even more mong like!

    On return to my Unit in BAOR I had no kit, it was all in the desert. SQMS wasn't interested in providing me any other greens so I went to MG disposals with my WO boss and sifted throught the old kit that was for burning! Lt Col appeared from nowhere, listened to our explanation, bollocked my boss and got on the blower to my CO! New kit on arrival when I got back to barracks! Hahaha. Shame actually, I spent nearly a month at work in jeans and T-shirt and became accustomed to it!
  6. Why a Casevac from abroad should turn up at (and be dealt with) by RAF Halton is a bit of a mystery to me.

    Perhaps more detail is needed in order to meaningfully comment on the story.