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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by medman82, Apr 13, 2009.

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  1. evening all,

    I'm looking for help, for some reason my main user account has been either deleted or corrupted on my laptop.

    I rang the help line (which I pay £6 a month...not a great deal of help)who instructed me how to do a recover. The problem is..I need to enter my account manager password and like a complete twat I can't remember it.

    I've entered all the numerous passwords which I regularly use, those of you who work for the police will know only too well that you need dozens of passwords to enter the police computer systems.

    Without this password I am unable to make any changes to the computer, no music downloads, no kids educational downloads ( no smut !!).

    any offers of help appreciated.

    I can offer authentication if any one thinks I'm on a nicked laptop.


  2. Sorry, like you I don't know your password either. :wink:
  3. thanks panda.......I thought I was the tw at......seems your one too. one it was a serious request.
  4. google instructables, look at the tech forum there is a video on how to hack back into your computer, it really is easy once you know how,

    in defence of panda I was aboput to write the same thing,

  5. Windows Vista or XP?

    If its Vista i have no clue, however if its XP you can Push F8 upon boot and it will give you the option to boot into safe mode, boot in safe mode let it load up to the login screen and you should see and 'Administrator' account. Login to that account then go to control panel and change the password for your other account.

    Hope this helps.
  6. Default password is usually one of these: admin, administrator or guest.

    If the admin password has been changed there is not much you can do without re-installing windows.
  7. Whenever you change your password put it in a saved text message within your mobile phone.
  8. Any account, including admin, can (or at least could) have its password reset using a specific boot disk. I did have a copy of it myself and have used it many times to reset account passwords.

    If you Google 'password reset boot disk' you will find numerous programs that will do this. Some may have free trials or be free software. If not, torrent is your friend :D