"forgotten man within his own battalion"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Feb 22, 2006.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/kent/4737972.stm

    If I were a juryman then my verdict would be 'not guilty'.

  2. If the cap fits!!!
  3. Initially I felt some sympathy for Pte. Challis.

    Then I read that:

    And I lost any last vestige of sympathy for him, seeing as that was the point that his Services were No Longer Required.

  4. Vegetius!

    How quickly you grasp my point! How such a person was allowed to serve in Iraq? He was too dangerous for Iraqi civil population.

    The best representatives of British military should be sent to help Iraqis in establishing rule of Law, not the worst.
  5. I don't think I understand Russian sarcasm too well, Sergey.
  6. Would a civvy get the same sentence for possession for own use?

    Did they test the powder or not, must have done surely or is it just bad journalism, no hard facts so swag it

    Was the drink driving also post op and part of a spiral of behaviour?

    Is the PTSD a shameless attempt to wriggle out of it?

    The judge advocate is reported to have conceded there "may have been a lack of help from the battalion" after the private was injured. Interesting he actually says this, what sort of support are we looking at. The title of the piece is pointing strongly in one direction, is this a quote from some one?

    If he was a scrote why not just kick him out. Was this supposed to send a message "pour encourage les autres" ?

    Did some one advise him to go courts martial on the chance he'd get a civvy solicitor to get him off

    At least it chops the civvy solicitor versus cm myths

    How can the judge Advocate categorically state

    "the wounding of the soldier in Iraq had left him with mental as well as physical scars but said they played no part in the drug offence" it is substance abuse which I presume appears frequently as a Sign/Symptom of PTSD

    Many angles not much info, no real opinion formed

    Hopefully he was a scrote and is well shot of

    Answers on a post card


    My thoughts are sliding to "Scrote yes but unlucky sentencing"
  7. He pleaded guilty to attempting to supply cocaine - whatever the substance was, is, I suppose, pretty irrelevant if he thought it was cocaine.

    The rest of your post matches my thoughts.
  8. Just re read the attempting to supply bit, you're right supply is a different matter

    But the flavour of the article does give the impression that he just bought some on a night out, who was he trying to supply to and were the civvy coppers involved if not how did he come to get caught,

    I'm getting a vague feeling that some thing is a bit loose in the whole story. not tin hat stuff (Probably just from lack of info and ambiguous writing)

    Good job he wasn't in Singers though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. "He said his client, who had previously served in Bosnia and Northern Ireland, had been suffering from post traumatic stress disorder."

    I remember an old mate of mine, good lad but a bit wild, where'nt we all.
    Well he's long out and gets invove with local bike gang and one thing leads to another. He gets lifted with 6 Kilos of Hash he is transporting.
    His brief stands up and part of the plea of Mitigation is, the effect that all thoes years serving with the Regt at Hereford had on him.
    He was a REME spanner mech on their Helis.
    I've suffered as a result of post traumatic stress disorder from all thoes Pizz ups I attended.
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    (My bold.)

    Yes Sergey, of course that was your point. :roll:

    May I point you in the direction of your signature, or are you using these posts as an illustrative example ?
  11. Cutaway, thank you. I can't believe that ammount of pish can come from one person on a daily basis. Think he might have a problem distinguishing between dreams and reality.
  12. Cutaway!

    I have an impression that you are not happy with my posts. What is wrong? In one case I expressed an opinion that is in line with recent directive made by dr.Reid. In another case I agreed with our friend Vegetius.

    What is your personal point of view? Do you agree with me? If not then why?

  13. Hope gets locked up.

    Which part of the no tollerance policy for drug abuse does he not undertand?

    Which part of supplying drugs is illegal did he not understand?

    Since when has getting shot in Iraq meant that you can be a dope dealing serving soldier?

    As for his previous conviction: obviously his first conviction did not change his mind regarding the requirement to follow the law.
  14. Here, here
  15. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Perhaps its niave of me but I hope he gets the help he needs with any PTSD issues in Colchester. I understand that they do take rehab and resettlement very seriously there.