Forgotten heroes.

The French and British forced the fall of Sebastopol on 11 September 1855. It happened 150 years ago and in fact it was the end of Crimean war. Great Britain won, defeated obviously strong enemy. I have read that VC's are manufacturing from captured Russian cannons even now (and VC was introduced that time).

But I was surprised that this remarkable event, great victory was not mentioned on BBC, on other main British news-sources. There were no celebrations. Or maybe they took place? (as a foreigner I'm not well informed). If my suggestions are true then how soon heroes of moders wars would be forgotten?
If you take the past 1,000 years of documented military activity, England (as in the historical entity now called Britain) could commemorate a major victory or defeat every day of the calendar year. Unfortunately, under the prevailing socialist regime, it is not politically correct to even teach unadulterated English history to kids, let alone have any form of public commemoration. Even English victories important enough to be included on a list of "world history" milestones seem to be disowned these days - ss as an example, look at the rather pathetic down-playing of the Trafalgar bicentennial...

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