Forgotten Anniversary?

The 500th anniversary of the Battle of Flodden is on 9th September 2013. Somewhere between 10,000 and 14,000 Scots and English lost their lives in a couple of hours of fierce fighting.

It came to mind because I was visiting the Borders earlier in the week and on the way I heard mention of Flodden on the car radio. As I was staying about 30 miles from the battlefield I visited the site. A local group of volunteers have put a good deal of effort into laying out a battlefield trail with boards describing key moments and background. Well worth a visit if you are passing that way. You can find their web presence at Remembering Flodden | The Battle of Flodden, 1513

Worth sparing a thought at about 1815 on Monday for those that fell 500 years ago.
Many thanks for posting that Moonraker, I had no idea that Flodden had been that bloody. 10 - 14,000 dead in a few hours with early 16th century technology is truly horrific.

We have a very bloody history in these islands with hard won freedoms and accomodations between the home nations. 500 years ago is nothing in the great scheme of things - I will spare a thought at 18.15 on Monday.
It rather gets overshadowed these days due to the Saudi Arabian Aerobatics team mishap over New York

Which is not even on the same date, bloody yanks and their back to front calenders. Apologies
I had no idea that Flodden had been that bloody
Not as bloody as the queue in Glasgow on benefit pay day for the Tennent's Super at the Spar/Londis!

But seriously that's a lot of bodies in one day.
Sadly more have fallen in the name of war since.

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