Forgot road tax 2 years ago!!

Ok when I got posted I forgot to pay my tax on my motorbike for 3 months, realised, told the DVLA, SORNed it for 6 months (kept in my garage) whilst I was away, then taxed it when I returned. Just received a letter from a debt collection agency that I'm getting done for the three months. But this was 2 years ago. Is there a time limit that they have to keep to? They haven't told me how much I'm being done for but that I'll receive a court summons. Any help or previous experience of this situation would be helpful. Cheers.
12 months road tax is £74.00
3 months should be less than £20.00
Just cough up you tight git.
The way I see it is that you owe the DVLA 3 months road tax, its a legal requirement to either pay up or sorn it. DR agency's will start adding the interest on and other charges, I suggest you contact them now and cough up before it triples in size over night.
Surely you would get a reminder before the DR weasels wrote to you? Have to agree with Sandman £20 is nada!
If it's 20 quid, I'd just pay. It's gonna take letters, phone calls etc to get a human to speak to who can make decisions - unlike the computer and autobot call centre person your dealing with at the mo.
looks like you are screwed then. But in the first instance, write to the DVLA or whatever its called and send the letter RECORDED DELIVERY. Do the same with the debt collection *******. In your letter, explain the circumstances briefly and ask for a number to call which will have a live body listening.

If it's any consolation the German authorities have outstanding fines due from me since 1984 for speeding on the E73 Autobahn. Heh heh heh!
Was the vehicle used on the road during the untaxed 3 months?
The only interst that can be charged is if it goes to court and the courts award interest which would be @ 8%.

Pay the £20 quid, tell the DCA to feck off.


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it doesnt matter where it is now, I had a second wrist op so couldnt retax as I couldnt mot due to not being able to ride it. assumed like before I could get it done and pay the arrrears. which I did then I got a fine of 80 quid on top 2 months or so later.

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