Forgive ... or not?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by k13eod, Aug 3, 2008.

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  1. It's Sunday and the sun is shining ... well it is here in Northern Kentistan now that the rain has stopped.

    It's a day of rest for those of us not suffering the hardships of Sunday work and I started to think about lessons learned many years ago whilst attending Sunday school. And the leasson for today is forgiveness. Who do we forgive for wrongful deeds against us? And who could we never forgive? Who would you now buy a pint and say "no hard feelings" and who, as the years fail to heal wounds, would you still like to rip the spleen out of?

    Ok for me:

    I forgive the Israeli soldier who laid the landmine in South Lebanon that took my left leg in 2002. It wasn't personal and he was just doing his job. If I could meet him today I would buy him a pint. Unless of course he is a Spurs fan.

    I do not forgive the b1tch who failed me on my cycling proficiency test back in 1970. Failed because I made a simple error of judgement and took both hands (momentarily mind you) of the handlebars ... a confused 11 year old who didn't know if he was turning right or left so panicked and signalled both ways. Tearful moments of shame as everyone else was awarded a certificate and weeks of mockery followed every time k13 mounted his trusty chopper. B1tch. I hope you died of the pox.
  2. The cycling proficiency scheme!!!

    Feck me I've just had a life on mars moment - ye've just taken me back 30yrs!!

    I remember a big bored grumbling cop having to put kids through this test - poor bugger, I wonder who he upset to get that duty.

    I never passed it either. Days later I came off my chopper at speed going over a "ramp" (one plank on top of one brick - not exactly Eviel Kneival) - straight through the banana bars - cue three days in hospital getting head sorted with vinegar and brown paper.

    Happy Days :D

    Have you tried a re-sit K13? Be like a fish on a bike!!!
  3. Might just try that Sparky 8)
  4. Or the w@nker who scraped the wheel arch of my Jaguar in a car park ... never forgive you you to$$er ... my car is not improved with your Corsas paint on it and my mood was dark through your lack of courtesy when you drove off without leaving a note. Die. Badly.
  5. Cycling Proficiency! Lordy, I'm straight back there. I remember having to cycle 3 or 4 miles to one of the lessons, and we didn't realise the police car on our tails was actually the instructors, and we got commended for our safe riding en route. Then, the powers that be decided that the exam would take place as part of the local gala, so we had to do it with a crowd of onlookers. Passed anyway.

    When did it die out, anyone know?

    Personally, I'd introduce licence plates for bikes, so when they run red lights and all the other stupid things some of them do, they'd get nicked. And they'd have to pass Cycling Proficiency in order to get a licence.

    God, I'm 9 again....
  6. It's still going. My 10 and 11 year olds have just done it.
  7. Cheers. I'm amazed. They really need one for adults, though. With the fuel prices and the congestion charge, there are shedloads of novice adult cyclists on the roads near me, creating chaos.

    Apologies for meandering this thread off course into a Cycling Proficiency debate.

    To meander even further - don't suppose anyone is old enough to remember the year they scrapped Daylight Saving Tme as an experiment and schools issued you with a fluorescent 'diddy jacket' - or was that just Yorkshire in the 60s?
  8. Never did Cycling proficiency myself.
    I forgive someone who has wronged me and apologises. If someone asks for your forgiveness it's only decent that you give it.

    However, I do not forgive my housemate who pulled the bird I fancied. This is purely because he had the arrogance to act as if nothing had happened. No hint of an apology. I intend to give him a nice new asymetrical nose for this at some time in the future, and possibly rape his sister, unless of course he decides to fcuking man up and apologise.
  9. Ooh. I see we have got back to forgiveness. Sort of...

    BFBS :wink:
  10. Thought that I was going to have to get the title changed to Cycling Proficiency 8O
  11. Soz

    BFBS :oops:
  12. But then again, you started it...
  13. Started it and failed it :oops:
  14. I'll never forgive the fcuker that raped my ex a couple hours after she split with me... then had the audacity to brag about it. If i see him again, there'll be some re-arranging of innards going on.
  15. Back on track with a vengeance. Anyone who has memories of diddy jackets, this is probably not the forum...