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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bubblehead, Aug 27, 2003.

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  1. but what the hell is TA?
  2. its our part time forces we are men who train on weekends and one night a week.
  3. Drinking club with gun problem :lol:
  4. LMAO! Woody, that one I've never heard and shall now remember and go forthwith and share your quick witted wisdom with my buds.
  5. Magic maybe this thread could be used for any old type of 'bone' question that needed to be asked to avoid starting a new one so here goes with my effort...

    I'm about to hand in my kit to my old unit before transferring to my new one, what do I need to hand in ? I've figured this could involve my webbing, inf bergan, No 2's etc but what exactly do I need to hand in and what should I keep ?

    Thought I better ask to get an impartial (non storeman related) answer to this! (If they had their own way I'd be handing it all in "Stores are for storing hence give me all your kit..... now!")

    Please help.
  6. See Vox-Pops in last page of recent Soldier magazine for a London UOTC chap saying that one in context! Ah Public Relations eh! I hope the DCCA haven't read that one lately!

    I suppose that's why, on the same page, there is a disclaimer stating that the views contained within do not reflect Army of MoD policies etc etc. Well done London OTC fella! :lol:
  7. Everything on ur G1098 u keep (this could include No 2's). Bascially all your clothing. Webbing, bergan and all other like equipment are handed in.
  8. Seeing as I was in a jock unit, my kilt, tackety brogues, etc has all been handed in, they seem quite attached to them. Pity my new corps types won't let me turn up in it! Ach well. Thems the brakes. :cry:

    How about my kevlar lid, Resp etc?
  9. I recently did some kit chasing for my sqn (tip: never let a storeman know you've got someone's number if they are chasing kit). He basically wanted everything that was on the database as issued and having a flick. However, the priority was of course belt kit, bergan and sleeping system as these things are costly. Items worn next to the skin not so important.
    Don't delay hand-in. There was a visit by the police and when the kit was handed back, they recieved a bill for all items missing!!
  10. helmet needs returning. I think resp is now on ur 1157? which means u keep it.
  11. Helmet is now on personal issue, ie 1157.

    G1098 kit referres to Bergan, webbing, sleeping system, poncho, mess tins, rifle cleaning kit etc.

    Ask your friendly CQMS for a copy of your 1157 and G1098 issue sheets, and you will see which items you have to hand in.

    1157 you keep, to take to your new unit, as that is all personal issue. G1098 is unit issue kit to be returned on transfer etc.
  12. Ah that's why I've been used as Unit Direcory Enquiries recently... oops! Thanks a lot everyone for the advice, now I can sleep soundly that my Storemen aren't gonna feck me over with the knowledge I now have in my ARRSEnal.