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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by signalsanyone, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. Forgive me for my naivety but whats this part 1b and part 1c all about?? I was of the understanding that you do 4 weekends and then a 2 week course to pass recruit training. Is there another option to this now? I would rather do it as a block and take the time off as holiday at work and then be part of the sqn quicker. Could someone enlighten me please!?! Also would B Sqn RY be able to offer this?
  2. for the Royal Yeomanry it really depends on what page of Debrett's your family is listed old boy!
  3. 1a TAFS1 held at unit(currently) 1 week end
    TAFS2 held at RTC 1 week end

    1b Phase 1 Training held at RTC upto 7 week ends for Infantry & only 4 for OA&S
    1c CMS(R) held at ATRs/CIC 2 weeks, now a trained soldier
    then comes phase 2 training which is all your trade training.
  4. Our Scheme is

    Alpha: 2 w/es at the TAC
    Bravo: 4 w/es athe the RTC
    Charlie: 2 weeks

    I believe there is a 8 day Bravo option, I don't belive we do it, which has merit (quicker turnaround, retains knowledge etc) but the issue is wheter you can dedicate 3 weeks away from work for TA training ? Some can, many can't
  5. The 8 day thing sounds great. The time would not be an issue as I get 5 weeks hols every year plus i'm owed about a week for time in leiu (sic). Wellyhead, are you RY?

  6. GOOD GOD NO !!!!!! They have riff raff like Dr Evil in that bunch.

    Seriously though you need to talk to them, the only thing I know of ther 8 day course is from this thread

    Thread about 8 day Phase 1B training called something original like "Phase 1b" or similar
  7. We have the option of doing part 1B over eight days or four weekends (spread over two months). The disadvantage of the four weekends approach is that you can't afford to miss a weekend otherwise you have to start again.