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Forgive me ARRSE for I have sinned

Out to club last night with mates, got a bit side tracked and ended up going home with a bird. A ginger Bird. A ginger, Art student bird.

am I worse than Hitler?
Not if you took her up the council, dry and rubbed your manfat into her eyes. That would be no more than she deserves.

I hope to god you didn't go down on her, make her cum or cuddle her. Ideally she should have left your house at 4am in floods of tears, assuming she left your house that is and isn't still there as a 'souvenir'.
Going down on a Ginger bird is like licking a square 9v battery..........you know it's not right, and it will make your tongue tingle, but you just can't help yourself ;)
I have to say, for an 18 year old she was f*cking keen. I think thats a ginger thing. Never get attention so when they do they jump at the chance.
Once you've had a ginge you will never go back....you soon learn to live with the smell of twiglets and old batteries and the delightful paleness of the skin is admirably counterpointed by half a pint of man-fat running in the valley between her peachy breasts.

Oh could you all excuse me for a minute, something has come up and I need to w4nk myself stupid. I always find honesty is the best policy.
As long as you only did it for the points score, then it's acceptable. Once.

You get a point for GWAR and a point for "student". If she was ridiculously fat or thin, or perhaps Welsh or Scots, there are extra points to be had there.

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