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Forget Valentines Day lads

SirSaltyHelmet said:
Show the missus

March 20th
Last week when i bent over i knackered my scar
Giving my guy a B.J . That is too much exercise and to be truthful i would not know what to do. he wants to attach my nipples to a car battetry with crocodile clips and then punch me in the kidneys. i told him no because i enjoy the kinky stuff with my nephew, nathan (he was on here as codename). nathan lets me fist him with a welding glove and in return he lags on my face. does dog piss sting or is it dirty?
fev_83 said:
lo sounds gud... hav the mouth... jus need somone 2 practise on! :D
The thing is how to a girl approach this subject with a guy. i let my guy give me anal as much as he likes it. the thing is, he quite often lets his mates join in and i dont know who is up my bottom. can you get pregnant from up the bum intercourse?

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