Forget this Army

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by roseandpose, Jun 20, 2005.

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  1. Anyone got any reliable info on how a SNCO goes about transferring to the Aus Int Corps (i.e. same job, different Ops, better weather)

    " The bonds of commissioned freemasonry exert a greater pull. That and personal ambition. Failure to support a fellow officer is a good way to finish an Army career." Remember that the next time you trust an officer.
  2. Drink fosters, say g'day mate and you're in.

    Better weather? You sound like a bit of a tart.

    "Forget this Army"...say that and we would rather forget you, cnut.
  3. Australian army? go for it, sand and koalas pose a major threat to society, i can now sleep at night knowing you are there
  4. Just mention 'Army Intelligence and you'll have then rolling around on the NAAFI floor. Add Australian to the phrase and they'll lock you up and give you a Class 1 in Basket Weaving! :lol:
  5. ^^^ get that man out of the army and on to a stage ^^^
  6. Auld-Yin

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    Whoever said rosieandponce was in the army?
  7. hee hee
  8. roseandpose hoped for:



    and wondered
    looky here:

    You might consider retraining for another specialty there Angelhair...


    BTY...Clouds got in my way too...
  9. roseandpose,

    Been having a look round the royal dingo regt meself, these are useful links;

    From Australian DofD;

    "Overseas Candidates

    If you are an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident and have an Australian address, you can apply online using My H.Q..

    If you are an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident but are currently overseas and do not have a current Australian address, you may specify the Australian address of a family member until you return to Australia. Your address and contact details can be updated at a later date when you return to Australia.

    You will be asked to verify all of your details once your application has progressed and you have been assigned a Defence Recruiter.

    A full Australian address is required for you to book and attend a Job Options Evaluation Session (JOEs day). The Job Options Evaluation Session is a mandatory step in the recruitment process.

    Non Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident.
    If you are not an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident, you will need to refer to the Overseas Enquirer Information for the Navy, Army and Air Force.

    Please select from the following options to view Overseas Enquirer Information for entry into the Navy, Army or Air Force."

    Army Overseas Enquirer Information

    Good luck!

  10. CC_TA - Thanks for the pointers. That was the reply I was hoping for

    Watertight - I don't remember asking you a Goddamn thing. Feel free to post a reply to me when you been in a few years, and not so obviously uptight and nervous about your A3 end of course test, you nig.
  11. Or contact the Aussie embassy on the Strand in london, think mike l'estrange was the last comissioner not sure who it is now, and ask them, they should also be able to give you some handy hints.

    But be prepared you wont get to travel to as many countrys as you do with the brits, but you will get to travel around the country though.
  12. But make sure you call it eh High Commission and not the Embassy!!
  13. Rosieposie, i think that Watertight was having a laugh at the fact that you asked members of the Int Corps if they had any reliable info!!
  14. Well I'd have thought asking your friendly neighbourhood long looker would be a good place to start. Everytime I've come across one, they always seem to be on a recruitment drive.
  15. Someone's thrown their teddy in the corner haven't they!

    Just out of interest, what does 'roseandpose' actually mean?