Forget the Sudan and Iran, Somalia next??

While everyone is wringing their hands over the ' failure' in Iraq, the nutso running North Korea [ who apologized for scaring everyone with his little nuke bomb, today ], the belligerant Iranians..etc...

This little bit of ' old business' is coming back to haunt..

Totally p!ssed off over the antics of the various petty warlords, the people have spoken and thrown their support behind a home-grown version of the Taliban who have taken control in Mogadishu, restored order, security and stability, along with a strict adherence to Sharia/Islamic law/tradition [ gee, where have we seen that before? Afghanistan, maybe? ]..and who are we to say that this isn't a good more senseless killing, corruption, abject poverty, etc.. all you got to do is follow the ' law' as interpreted by the Islamic leadership and live comfortably and safely, if not happily ever after..

But, wait.. didn't the US go in and stop the last batch of guys who tried this?..Is there oil in Somalia? Do they grow whackloads of poppies there? wonder what will happen next...
somali's clan structure is very strong there alll armed and they like fightin the islamists maybe on a hiding to nowhere
best avoided the few refugees that maid to london are a slight problem not exactly brought up in a country that values life or the rule of law bit like chavs but more violent :(
The extent to which Somalia is seen as part of T W A T has a big impact on the lives of the people there.

Currently Somalia is an economic basket case. Its expatriats make a big contributiuon by sending moiney back home. If they are stopped on the basis of stopping funds getting to terrorists it is likely to deprive the inhabitants further.

My source for this is Mark Boleat ex ABI who has been fighting their corner.

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