Forget the corruption, says Geldof

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Jun 10, 2005.

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  1. He is now truly a grade one nonce!

    Despite the huge backlash against pumping in even more aid to africa, he continues to bury his head in the sand and think that money alone will solve the problems of Africa.

  2. If we are going to pump in huge amounts of aid money into Africa and at the same time, release them from their debt, we should follow the similar principles as the Marshall Plan in the 40's. If you are a country who follow democratic principles then you will get lots of breaks ansd become wealthy. If you are a despotic regime, you will get nothing.

    If we are to see an end to African debt then please, let us not miss an opportunity to start eroding the age old problem of tribalism and dictatorship on that continent.
  3. I for one do not minding helping my fellow man but I am damned if my hard earned cash is going to go to this arrse of an attempt to prop up more corrupt and brutal dictators anymore.

    "Forget the corruption thing"- well lets just forget the debt that they owe us, let's double the aid and then when they kill and surpress their people more, we only have ourselves to blame.

    we will never learn that Africa is going to keeping going in this corrupt and debilitating cycle unless we do something to help, but that would be neo-colonialism now wouldn't it........t@ssers, especially you geldof, what you wanting now a Lordship!!!
  4. Interestingly The Marshal plan was in fact made available to the Warsaw pact country including the USSR. It was of course merely a political gesture they new full well that they would never have accepted aid from the evil capitalist west.
  5. I'd say Geldof is right to think that corruption should not stop us from aiding Africa. Corruption is certainly a problem but it doesn't fully explain the failure of Africa.

    As evidence of this there are east Asian countries with higher levels of corruption than some African countries and yet the Asian countries have much stronger economies. A Transparency International report states that India, Pakistan, Indonesia and Bangladesh have corruption ranks of 83,92,122,133 respectively and yet their growth rate from 1980-2000 is 3.5%,2.4%,3.5% and 2.0% respectively. Ghana, Senegal, Mali, and Malawi have corruption ranks of 70, 76, 78, and 83 respectively and a growth rates of 0.3%, 0.5%, -0.5% and 0.2% respectively. So the more corrupt Asian countries have better economies than the African countries!!!!

    Of course I'm not argueing for aid to countries such as Zimbabwe. Clearly, something else is required there. But it is too simplistic to say Africa is corrupt and therefore nothing can be done anywhere in the continent. There are many countries in Africa which we can aid and so long as we apply good auditing then the money will not be squandered. This will ensure our hard earned cash does not prop up some dictator which of course is a very understandable concern.


    ps - again these figures are completely robbed from Jeffrey Sachs book "the end of poverty".... a very good read... he almost always backs up his opinions with hard facts... has a fairly scientific approach rather then just spouting sh1te...
  6. Let's not forget that a significant percentage of the money raised will go to pay those deciding on whom the remainder is spent.

    I don't go much on the chap, but Clarkson had a good point in T. on Sunday this week. He was in, I think, Ethiopia a year after Live Aid, and he asked a villager if her existence was any better. She said "No, but the fellows over there have new guns."

    My thoughts and experiences on Africa are well documented elsewhere so I shan't rant on. I won't be donating though - unless it's to buy Geldof and the others a shack on the Ivory Coast for a year.

  7. Don't corruption and polititian go hand in hand onlty the scale of it differs. Can anyone name an honest polititian ?
  8. 1. Got anything of your own to say ?

    2. Oh silly me ...if it's in Jeffreys book it must be true :roll:
  9. Boris Johnson, he's too dim to deceive. :wink:
  10. Armourer,

    No, just cause its in Sachs's book does not make it true. But if you can point out the flaw in his argument then I'd be interested to hear it?

  11. And they wonder why some of us are cynical:

    Live 8 logic attracts criticism

    F 'em.
  12. Why let the inclusion of information and opinion from other sources get in the way of good, old-fashioned, ill-informed pontification? :wink:
  13. There are definate advantages to collecting millions and having it in your bank account or an account controled by you.
    I am not unsympathetic to people suffering, but I still consider Africa a bad joke and do wonder about corruption.
    In Asia is as one commentator said it is 'A Way of Life' but there is something basically wrong with Africa. I still say they have never progressed beyond Tribalisam and the concept of a Nation as we know it is beyond them.
    Geldorf and Bono are very nieve but rich people, lets see them on poverty street when they have used the hard earned fortunes to support their fellow man.

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