Forget Shayler - Red Caps father to take on Blair

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Gas Gas Gas, Mar 20, 2005.

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  1. Reg Keys the father of a Royal Military Policeman from north Wales who died in Iraq is to stand against Prime Minister Tony Blair in the general election.

    From the Mail on Sunday it appears that the Tories do not have a candidate. If they do not stand against Blair it will give a heaven sent opportunity for Tories, Old Labour (&/or Brown fans) and any other "anti-war/anti-Biar" voters to have a go at our "Tone". Admittedly in might be like an alliance with Satan but, as the saying goes, "My enemy's enemy is my friend".

    In the short term it my be well worth it to have Brown in No 10 if Bliar loses his seat. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. If Shayler really wants to unseat Blair, he, and all the other peeps standing in Sedgefield against Blair will not only stand aside, but actually support this guy. Even to the extent of campaigning for him. At the very least, Blair will be sweating a lot more than he thought he would. Hopefully the Tories will support the guy. After all, he is on at Blair for lying and Howard keeps saying how Blair lied, so it makes sense.

    And that can only be a good thing!
  3. Not so sure it would be such a good thing. Were I a voter in this constituency, I would be asking myself what Reg can do if elected. Yes, he would have displaced Billy Liar but what can he do for the voters? Indeed, what can he do about his own particular problem? Negative attitude on my part - yes. As I see it the relatives of all those 6 RMP had a shytty deal but I cannot see what will rectify it. Acknowledgement that something wass wrong? Who doubts that. I believe that even TCH and TCB know it but, as politicians involved, will never admit it.
  4. Whilst Reg may not be a politician - yet - the advantage of having an MP who is not a Minister or shadow spokesman is that they should have more time for constituency work. No other distractions.

    Having a real threat at home might mean that “Our Dear Leader” will have to spend more time in his own constituency rather than lording it round the country.
  5. You surely cannot be serious?

    I dread to think what life would be like under that tw*t, - he'd tax having a shite if he could and make life even more miserable that it is under the current encumbant. :evil:
  6. Good point Hucker old chap. Actually they're a pretty rum lot all round. What if Gordon 'Strangely' Brown missed the bus as well? Who's next cab off the rank? Don't tell me it's the P&O steward.

    IMHO if by a fluke BLiar is unseated our man could just sit tight for 6 months and then retire. We're going to get Brown sooner than later so what the hey.
  7. That may well be the case. However, there would be no fourth term with Brown at the helm.
  8. Controversy this one, but Reg Keys needs to fcuking get over it. I know that sounds very very harsh but the bloke needs to move on. His bitterness will be his own downfall and I doubt he has anything to offer the consituents. One thing about Shayler and Keys etc is that the more of these candidates who stand in one district the more the anti Blair/Labour vote is split. If I was a Labour strategist I would want more nutters like these standing as they will take votes away from any "proper", I use the term lightly, oposition.

    Harsh but true I feel
  9. It would indeed be wonderful if all other runners stood aside to give Reg a free run at BLiar.

    What is the stable of Raving Monster Loonies like this year? Lord Bucket Head was always a bit of a favourite with me.
  10. If you read his article in the Sunday papers (can't remember which one, head hurt!) he was honest and truthful. He told the people that if they voted for him, he would try his best for the contituency and listen to the people.

    I wish the guy all the best and hope the Tories etc pull their guys out. Happened to Neil Hamilton when Martin Bell stood against him and he had a vast majority too :twisted:
  11. I'm sure you and I are not the only harsh ones on this.
  12. True enough, - just the thought makes me shudder!!
  13. Tories pick Iraq veteran to take on Blair

    Matthew Tempest and agencies
    Wednesday March 23, 2005

    The Conservatives today picked a former RAF group captain who served in Iraq to fight Tony Blair in his Sedgefield constituency at the forthcoming general election.

    The prime minister will face Group Captain Al Lockwood - who appeared on TV screens as a military spokesman during the conflict - in his north-east constituency.

    In a local contest which is shaping up to focus on Iraq, Mr Blair will also face anti-war candidate Reg Keys, the father of a killed military policeman, and David Shayler, the ex-MI5 spy turned campaigner, who have declared their intention to stand against him.

    Today the Tories officially selected Group Capt Lockwood to take on Mr Blair's seemingly impregnable 17,000 majority, after their former candidate, Danny Kruger, dropped out following the Guardian's revelation that he had called for a "period of creative destruction" in the public services.

    The former fighter pilot, currently living in Lincolnshire, left the RAF earlier this year and has chosen to pursue a career in politics...

  14. They chose Al Lockwood?

    Or did he choose them? Anyway, good luck Sir, personally I'd have preferred Reg Keys . At least then I'd know Blur was in for a proper rough ride. I don't have the confidence that the Tory hierarcy have the guts for this fight.
  15. I was hoping they would pull out and allow Reg Keyes their full support.......if that happened I could see old Tone getting a bloody nose and possibly who knows 8O what else