Forget Sharia Law, Polish law is in force in Wessx.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Jul 26, 2012.

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  1. 'Is Polish law operating in Yeovil?': Fury as Polish scrap metal thief caught red-handed is NOT prosecuted because 'he didn¿t realise it was a crime' | Mail Online

    Polish man drives to a factory (which makes metal doors) and lifts the cut offs out of the skip. The scrap is worth up to £350 a skip (hence all the metal robberies (ie war memorials) recently), but apparently it isn't a crime in Poland, the culprit denies he knew it was wrong so the Police can't prove 'intent' to commit crime... culprit let off.

  2. Let me guess, more shite from the Daily Mail. They don't do facts, just emotions. To the hole.
  3. As a judge once said to me-

    "Ignorance of the law is no defence"

    The excuse for not prosecuting is bullshit
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  4. What happened to the "ignorance is no defence" laws? If it was me doing what Polski was doing, my feet wouldn`t touch. One law for us, and a completely different set of "get out of jail" laws for our parasites. Isn`t it wonderful to be British?
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  5. This factory in Yeovil; wasn't Westlands, was it?
  6. I'd be interested to know if someone in Yeovil nick has phoned up their Polish counterparts and enquired as to the veracity of the claim by the Polack scrap pilferer.

    Awaiting no end of 'well it isn't an offence in [insert country of origin here]' defences by various chancers in the UK.
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  7. It is up to the UK police to investigate and lay evidence before the DPP, and then it is up to the Court to decide whether the person understood that they were in the process or had committed an offence. Short shrift in Ostrava by the Police or the Courts, not sure the Polish Courts or Police would feel different.

    In Ostrava, he would be looking at a kicking a nicking and a short time before a District Judge. Time would be coming to him.
  8. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    i wonder if the same goes for benefit entitlement - could we claim its not what you'd get in your country so you don't qualify for it over here?
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  9. It would have been platinum plated carbon fibre with diamonds as rivots, mainly from the wildcat.
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  10. So where does this leave 'honour killings'?
  11. southall, Bradford and Birmingham mainly.
  12. Blimey if ignorance of the law was a valid defence there should be some very worried wives & busy undertakers out there.
  13. You'd think so due to the reality, the rivets are made from Prit-Stick. They must be because the aircraft cant fly in the fact, at present, it cant fly at all due to being grounded. Thanks Westlands ;)
  14. As a mong as the bloke was Polish, you really do not have to know more because as a mong, you do not understand simple concepts.