Forget Manchester United! Support the Mess instead...

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by hellfyyr, Feb 8, 2005.

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  1. :idea:

    I cannot be bothered to search through all the threads, but I am sure this topic will have been done before. I note from some of the posts that some of you in here are not even SNCOs! Serious comments please only; although freedom of speech means you can write what you want...

    Why do people not support the Mess?

    I know that Mess Bills seem a waste of money to some, but look what you get for your cash:

    A place you can (really) call your own.

    The perfect forum for a bit of networking and to get things done.

    An element of pride in achieving a place in a club that seriously makes you work to get in.

    The ability to buy cheap alcoholic beverages

    Several inexpensive functions courtesy of HMG (before you gripe on this one, you need to check out how much it would cost you to attend an equivelant civilian function!).

    So come on everyone, lets hear what you think.
  2. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Firstly thanks for letting me post my own comments on here, its so refreshing to be told what i can post :evil:

    However, i agree with your point the mess is there to be supported, i enjoy my mess and all the benefits that it provides as i earned my way in there.

    Although i think that many people will only treat the mess as a means to an end due to the fact that we are so busy as an Army as a whole. When can we find the time to get some jollys in the mess in?
  3. i'm not a SNCO either, but when I was, you were probably still in school :wink: and btw it is an internet site,PMC wont ban you if your not really an SNCO and post in here :lol:
  4. :p canteen, thanks for the history lesson lol

    my point about non snco posting, was merely that in certain arguments, how would they know the answer?

    the overall idea was to shock and make people think "maybe I should go in the mess", if I failed hey, more port for the rest of us...

    the freedom of speech thing was priceless, PMC told me off lol

  5. There has been a serious shift in society which has brought about this lack of support for the mess.

    Many of our Junior SNCO's either dont own or just cant be bothered to dress in the appropriate manner for a SNCO so dont go in the mess.

    Many of our Single SNCO's and WO's in some cases would rather go were all te females are and as the mess is not abound with females then its off to the NAAFI they go.

    It is a sad state because the mess is and I know this is an old cliche but you cannot buy your way into this club and the service and banter on almost all occassions is exceptional.
  6. Some of the problems (but not all) stem from the fact that the Mess is actually the home of those SNCO's who live in as an exclusive club to all SNCOs.

    If you have an RSM who dictates a dress code which hampers those who live in, the mess will not be supported as much all the time.

    Not withstanding normal do's and stag functions the dress code should suite those who live in it rather than the man who runs it.

    It may have been fine in the 40's and 50's when everyone cut around in jacket and ties to have that as a dress code but times have moved on.

    Allowing the living in members the chance to relax in their home does not deteriorate the mess. If this is too radical then a separate area of the mess should be designated a living in area and a reduced dress code adopted, leaving the rest of the Mess for those who wish to pop in on a Saturday and not see jeans/tee-shirts.

    Our mess is lovely, wear what you want at all times, unless their is a function on. Then the dress code is as the function or stay out of the way.

    If the RSM came to my house and tried to regulate what I wore watching the TV then I would not be too impressed.
  7. on the flip side of the coin, there is no joy in being a member of a mess where no-one gives a stuff about the place. At least a dress code (not that I am for this in all circumstances - needs to be thought about) shows people are structuring a mess, it is likely that functions are arranged and the staff are kept in check...

    The alternative, a building that does food, accommodation and has a bar; is not a mess and does not have any attraction. The plea I put forward is that if the mess is supported, chances are it will be a more successful one. Takes a bit of effort but it is worth it!
  8. As has already been discussed, the problem with Messes in the UK is that you do not have a captured audience. Most singlies will start at the Mess and then go out on the town. If you have to wear shirt, collar, tie, no jeans etc then most will not bother to go in.

    Also, this is their home. I would disagree that the standard of the Mess is down to the dress code.

    Yes, most certainly have a dress code for formal functions. Otherwise who actually use's the Mess. 99% of the time, if you get it right, it will be the singlies who actually live in it.

    Messes else where who have a captured audience (for example Germany) would need to handle it somewhat differently. Suggestions could be an area where the single SNCOs might be able to relax in comfort, in which maybe those that live out would need permission to enter. You could then have other areas of the Mess with increased dress codes in order that families may use them without being offended by a senior dressed only in his beach towel and flip flops.
  9. Quite like the way Blandford does it, Snooker/pool room doesn't have dress restrictions, the main bar generally doesn't but on the odd occasion it does those who wish to relax can either goto the TV room or the snooker room. (The main bar does have dress restrictions but its what you'd wear down town).
    Have met many who refuse to go for a meal in jeans (normally TA & 1st time in a proper mess)
  10. What can be annoying at Blandford hen your living in is the amount of functions. Some weeks there will be 3 or 4 and you have to dress as per the function to use the bar or the snooker room. You usually end up with 20 people trying to pack into the TV room to get a pint.

    I dont disagree with having to dress as per the function, but when you live in, in a busy mess it can be annoying. Blandford could open the back door to the snooker room, and close it off to the rest of the mess during functions - that would give you the best of both worlds.

    I'm sure some ess stalwarts would disagree, but if the mess is accessable within sensible limits it becomes more popular, and the mess atmosphere is better for all.

  11. Thought it had changed, will check soon :twisted:
  12. the mess well some like it some dont, if you dont like it/ dont want to be part of it then hand in the rank
  13. That response is usually heard every month, shortly after the Mess bills have been issued. I thought the point of this thread was to take an objective look at possible ways to change the current system, or alternatively to provide justification for keeping things as they are.

    The junior Mess members of today will be the RSM’s of the future, so I am sure that change will come. However, I do believe that there is a requirement to impose limited restrictions on members’ dress, when in the communal areas of the Mess. I do agree with the argument that, for some living-in personnel, the Mess is home. As a pad, you can sit watching Eastenders in your boxer shorts, if your spouse has no strong objections, whereas that attire would be inappropriate for the TV Room in the Mess.

    There is also a need to maintain a certain level of exclusivity to the Mess. Invariably, dress restrictions in the Mess require the members to dress smartly. Thus encouraging a Mess member to take pride in one’s appearance.

    I believe there is the psychological effect that a jacket and tie can have on junior soldiers. If you happen to end up drinking in the same bar as your subordinates, being dressed smarter than they are should impose an aura of authority.
  14. Actually, the point of the thread was to make people think "Maybe I should support the mess"...

    I am not naive enough to think it will work, but every little helps!

    good post by the way Frasier, liked your comments.

    noted it turned into a bash blandford session again, those signals rascals just cannot resist!
  15. Well, if Blandford is in the firing line...

    We must remember, the Mess is also a safety net; a barrier to protect some members from the harshness of reality. Had the individual in question stayed in the Mess, I doubt that this would have been posted. :oops:

    There are strong arguments for, and against, the Mess system. If true, the above post shows a clear breakdown of authority and respect.