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Forget Kensington, Chelsea and Rock - Tidworth is the best place to live!

Well, feck my old boots, how things change........

''The garrison town of Tidworth, in Wiltshire - postcode SP9 - was crowned the best place to live in England.''

More research needed, methinks?


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I laughed at the phrase "good transport links", with the nearest station 9 fkin miles away!!!

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Wow! What next? 'Bulford, not really a mis-understood toilet with 19th century living standards'?

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Mooltan Barracks in the mid-80s - I remember well having to fight my way through throngs of tourists to reach the front gates..... In those days we lived in Hampshire and worked in Wiltshire (or was it the other way around?), but, having had a quick google, have just learnt that the county boundary was redrawn in 1992!

Other than troops, how many 'normal' folk live there? The place largely resembles a vast, sprawling and poorly maintained council estate; I'd assumed they were all Quarters. You never know, Rick Stein might be about to take over the Ram.

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