Forget ARRSE?

ARRSE rools OK
Funny that, Arrse arrives and for the first time in 1000 years the army becomes all user friendly....

Coincidence? I think not.
Guaranteed to make them come looking for this site. Top ad. Hope they like pizza!! :wink:
DAPS said:
we are responsible for formulating the Army’s personnel strategy. We do this by understanding what brings success, researching how things are going to be different in the future, and judging how well we expect the Army to cope – and what needs fixing. Then we initiate projects for future changes in the 'people' realm which turn into the policies that affect every one of you.
...providing it costs nothing and fits in with TCH and Grasping Gordon's plans for cutting everything, naturally.

I suspect that most people will trust this scheme about as much as the wretched SSAFA helpline.
Awol said:
Bugger me, I didn't realise contributing would buy me that many medals! :D

And you get them on time 8O 8O
Kermit said:
Good CO,

You could offer this fellow a forum on Arrse! I'm sure he'd get more feedback and ideas here than on his own MoD page! :wink:
I emailed him some time ago ..... no reply!


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i wonder what nickname Martin King uses on Arrse. It would be amusing to find out and pass suitable comments although I am sure that the Arrse membership would not abuse him in any way at all. :wink: :twisted:

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