Forfeit of LS&GC

Discussion in 'Medals' started by lifesabummer, Nov 26, 2012.

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  1. If after 15 years of undetected crime you receive your LS&GC then commit a crime, do you lose your Medal ??????

    Answers on a post card please
  2. Dunno, but we NEED to know why you ask!
  3. LS&GC can be forfeited. Not sure how henious the crime has to be. My next door neighbour had to "hand his in" after getting a severe reprimand.
  4. Yes yu can.

    In th london Gazette, on the very day I was receiving mine, several were 'un-receiving' theirs... permanently.
  5. When an individual who has been awarded the MSM or the LS&GCM commits
    an offence which results in a disciplinary entry on his or her conduct sheet or when a
    commanding officer considers the conduct of an individual who has been awarded the
    MSM or the LS&GCM ceases to be irreproachable, forfeiture action is to be initiated.
  6. You can lose your LS&GC in this situation, but it will be at the discretion of the person deciding the "award" you are given.

    Civi or Service "crime"?
  7. IMO medals awarded for time, operational service or being a silly sod on the 2 way range should be invoilable unless the act for which holders are later accused would have prevented them being awarded in the first place.

    Isn't Archer still a Lord?
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  8. I think it has something to do with the title of the award - here's a hint: Long Service and GOOD CONDUCT

    Hence the "15 years undetected crime " tag...

  9. I know an ex RAF FS who, at the end of his career, forfeited his rank, a large portion of his pension and his LS&GC because he had an affair with a WRAF. He was living apart from his wife at the time but not 'officially' seperated. They both left the RAF and married and are still together many years later. The one thing he is still bitter about is being stripped of the LS&GC.
  10. I know a similar story. Colour sgt got pissed at his leaving do and belted a number of people that he definitely should not have belted. Lost his medal and the last 30 days of a 24 year career were spent in sunny Colchester.
  11. I knew an LE Major who lost his for drink driving

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  12. At least one member of 264 Sigs had his removed for "an offence" then represented it some years later,
  13. Rodney, you are such a plonker.
  14. However, you can appeal... just ask a bloke from Hereford... COAT!
  15. 'Kinell, His Eminence was on form that night.
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