forestry commission sell off

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brighton hippy, Jan 23, 2011.

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  1. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Scotland and Wales seem to have not only lost their capital letters, but also their status as part of the United Kingdom.........
  2. What about selling off all the forestry land in Westminster?

    I say forest due to the creatures that work there (who only coming out at night) and the sly old Foxes that slither up and down the corridors...............not to mention the Magpies that steal anything shiny and the bugs that get under the bark (skin) and irritate the shit out of you................!!!!

    And did I mention the Highwayman who hides in the Forest and then steals from the masses on Budget day...............
  3. Tax free triples all round for the rich then.

    Forestry tax breaks has been used by successive governments, allowing those who have to 'invest'. They now can chop up there forests, sell the crop and sell the land tax free - if they get the licence. Woopee for them. Some forest was initiated as science projects and funded by private investors through this tax scheme(s). The projects for example, looked at water tables and there effect by trees and tree types and the projects had a finite life anyway.

    I'm just jealous to be honest. If I could rip off the populous I would too.
  4. Thatcher tried to sell off the forests as well. It was found that the majority of land was on a 999 year lease and that there was a Caveat (?) that softwoods would have to be cleared and then replanted with native hardwoods: At this point the scheme was quietly dropped.
    No doubt the present incumbants may have found some way around the problem - I hope not
  5. They'll probably find they have very little to sell Thatcher sold it all years ago.
  6. Untidy places anyway.
  7. A very short lived thread as once the forests have gone I'm not convinced the UK has anything else left to sell. What do we actually export nowadays, certainly not cars or coal, what generates our GDP?
  8. I always though of it as fat cats scratching each others backs and pigs in suits feeding at a trough of pounds and wiping their snouts on the Union Flag.
  9. Most of our power/utilities/public transport are owned by foreign companies, they will probably sell the forest to a US strip logging company and the UK will be de-forested in about 5 years.
  10. A percentage of GDP is from the City of London and the organisations operating therein. This FACT annoys the idiot Cable and the French EU Commissioner for 'business' so much, that they are trying to destroy the City. The banks and the insurance companies will continue to operate in sensible places such as: New York; various Caribbean island states; the Gulf; India; Singapore and Hong Kong.

    Brown, the unbridled oaf, may have gone, but the politics of ENVY, SPITE and MALICE lives on - hence Miliband E and the repugnant and unblinking, goggle-eyed bigoy Balls.

    City based organisations paid £59,000,000,000 in taxes in 2009. The clusters of Labour represented rotten boroughs in the North East, Scotland, Wales and Merseyside, paid somewhat less, but consumed much more in BENEFITS!!

    Hurry through the Bill to rid the albatross round our necks that is Labour's rotten boroughs!
  11. Oh dear, if I had my way the Bankers would be in Prison were they belong, actually thats a lie I would shoot them! why on Earth should I as a tax payer, pay for Bankers Casino. If they want to go let them, but stop those who do from doing any future deals in this country, as for santuary in the Countrys you mentioned theres an old saying you can run but you can't hide! and the clocks ticking.

    The Goverment are doing as most British goverments do, wreck sell and steal from this once great nation, I can only hope they dont get their way with this evil action. Bast**ds!
  12. The banks operated under a regulatory regime authorised by the oaf Brown and as advised by the manic Balls.

    Admittedly, some 'banks' such as Northern Rock, Bradford & Bingley and Halifax Bank of Scotland were simply stupid in their 'greed' for market share and expansion, but this 'greed' was permitted by the idiotic pair of Brown and Balls - aided by Miliband E.

    Now, does anyone notice something about the names listed above? If I add Lloyd's 'rescue' of Royal Bank of Scotland does that give a clue? OK, for those either disinterested or unable to see the connections: they are all 'northern' or 'Scottish'. The oaf couldn't have banks failing in his rotten boroughs could he?

    Did Barclay's fail; or Standard Chartered; or Nationwide; or HSBC? Nope.

    My point being that if the clowns Brown, Balls and Miliband had not played out their socialist doctrine and stopped interfering (impossible for Brown) then it is possible the bale-outs may not have been needed. Certainly the twerps in charge at NR and HBOS needed sacking, but because two idiots ruined two organisations, it does not mean 'bankers are *******'.

    The ******* in this whole scenario are: Brown; Balls and Miliband E.
  13. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    A Tory Government selling assets that belong to you and me? Say its not so. I was up in Skye last summer. Scottish Forestry Comission was harvesting horrible softwood and replacing it with indiginous hardwood, broadleaf etc and doing stuff to encourage wildlife, and putting in paths, benches etc. Will the pension funds and fat cats follow this example when they get their hands on our forests? Answers on a post card please.