Forest Gate Raid news confrence

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by india-juliet, Jun 13, 2006.

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  1. The two brothers arrested during an anti-terror raid on their home in Forest Gate are holding a news conference at 1130am.

    Now this will be interesting!!!
  2. It will indeed!
  3. And probably very annoying.

    "I thought they were armed burglars and I was going to die."

    Surely even Forest Gate isn't that bad.
  4. ............. and to quote one of their sisters from the Today programme this morning, "at the moment we haven't even begun to think of compensation"........................... Right.
  5. I used to live along the Romford Road just up from Forest Gate, beleive me, it is a shite hole & that bad!!!!
  6. But is there a police surplus shop?

    How else would a burglar dress up like the police?

    Weapons of course aren't usually a problem.
  7. Wonder which HR Lawyer will appear sitting next to these Bros ready to claim bad things of the Police to get max compenstation.

    You could open a book ..........
  8. there house actually looks quite nice though doesnt it? Shame about the flashbang burns... heh.
  9. I'll put tenner on a certain Mrs C Blair championing their cause.
  10. Well wouldn't you go after as much dosh as you could possibly get?

    A totally innocent citzen going about his lawful buisness gets jumped on by a bunch of cops and shot in the shoulder as an added extra.

    If that was me I would want a cucking shed load of money.
  11. Thats indicative of modern society, what ever happened to taking things in your stride, stiffening that upper lip and soldiering on?
  12. Shame the armed police shots were not a bit more accurate or nothing like a bit of G36 spraying.

  13. We tried that but there is no money in it
  14. One of the brothers said that in the Interview at the Green, the Officer asked if he was a member of the klu klux klan, if true what a pathetic fecking question to ask a devout Muslim!!!!
  15. Truth is relevant.

    Relevant to the compensation.