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Well remembered, that man!
it's on my "car ipod", along with this classic (I hear the Mark and Lard lyrics even when the real song plays)

Actually, that line sowed the seeds of a wind-up.

We were on a cable job in the mouth of the Thames and kept getting weathered off. The surveying mob were an Aussie band breaking into Europe. At the end of the job the client said that he'd got the nod to take us all out on the company because we'd done a good job in an efficient manner, saved them days on the project, etc.

So they took us out in Chatham for a Ruby Murray,,,

Picture Mr. Windup here sat opposite a Kiwi unfamiliar with curry culture full stop, let alone British curry culture.

"Mate, if you can't make up your mind you're obviously looking for glory. Go off menu."

"What? I don't follow."

"Well, you've been hovering over the tarka dal option. Spread your wings. Tell the waiter you want to embrace authentic Indian grub, go off-menu, and try an upgrade with a Tarka the Otter."

"A what?"

"A Tarka the Otter (said quickly)."

Waiter appears, gets round the smirking table to Mr. Antipodes 2009. Who confidently says...

"I'd like to go off-menu for an authentic Indian dish. Please bring me a tarka liotta with plain naan."


[Rest of us struggling to suppress mirth]
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It's about 1 year around now that the OP of this thread pegged out.

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Let’s do some “proper” remembering...

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