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Fortnite Battle Royale is an instalment of the ever-growing plague of massively multi-player putatively "free-to-play" games that are known as Battle Royale. Though it's an offshoot of the original Fortnite title, it's the one most people are talking about when they mention Fortnite.

Battle royale game - Wikipedia

Fortnite - Wikipedia

Fortnite Battle Royale - Wikipedia

And it's the most popular one out there, eclipsing the player base of PUBG, A.K.A Player Unknown's Battle Grounds, as well as being a media darling.
It’s reasonably easy to have a life. Aldi do them quite cheaply so you don’t need to spunk out too much at first. Try a cheapo one and if it works out well for you, you can upgrade later. :mrgreen:
Eldest brother's daughter has just qualified as a transatlantic Airbus First Officer. 5 foot now't, six stone dripping wet and has spent the last three years dealing with pished hockey/rugby tours in Canada* - sweet as sugar and 'ard as nails!!!

Answer, yes, women can fly planes!!

*which is why her brother prefers to fly freight for FedEx, as he puts it- Boxes don't get pished!
Dripping wet you say?
Wet as an otter’s pocket.
And a First Officer you say?

Rank has its privileges. This is the bit where you tell me who she works for and I consider my career options.
See all, hear all, say nowt.
Eat all, sup all, pay nowt.
An if ever tha does owt for nowt,
allus do it for th' sen,
"I've time for a pint before the trouble starts, barman."



"And I've time for a pie before the trouble starts, too."



"And I've time for another pint before the trouble starts, n'all."



"Excuse me, sir, but when is this trouble starting?"

"About now - I've no means to pay. 'Byeeee!"
When the battle's about to begin
Make sure your gun's got bullets in
Then you'll be sure when you fire
That your enemy dire
Will not cause you trouble again

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