Forensics in RMP/SIB

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Hescoheed, May 10, 2006.

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  1. Dear All
    I have been tasked by my boss with trying to find a contact name for someone who might deal with the field of forensic investigation within RMP/SIB, at the upper echelons.

    I work for an independent forensic science and engineering consultancy and have had experience in MOD cases (usually Court Marshsalls) involving such issues. We are seeking to expand our work within the MOD and would like to speak to the relevant personality with a view to sharing our expertise with RMP/SIB.

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. I would suggest that your firm begins with a letter to the Adjutant General. I would also suggest that someone higher up in the organisation checks the letter that is sent out in particular with regard to spelling.
  3. Thank you Martial,

    Your help is appreciated.

    Point noted about the spelling! Unfortunately I seem to be having one of those days. I'll pass on the info to my boss.

    Thanks again
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  5. oldbaldy

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    And there was me thinking you would be involved with Courts Martial.
    Not only the spelling old boy :D
  6. LoL! RMP investigation.... um, LoL!! (Rolls around on floor laughing weakly whilst reaching for the sutures) FORENSICS....! RMP?

    I have attended a number of crime scenes that took place on military establishments and short of marching the entire Bn through after the 2Lt/Lt/Capt/Maj and Col have taken a stroll through the scene to see how many foot/fingermarks they could leave I can't think of any organisation short of maybe the Zimbabwean Police who know how to destroy a crime scene better whilst simultaneously encouraging the witnesses to get together and confer with the offenders for an outcome that'll favour the organisation better...

    Mind you in their favour, I will admit that if you send a request to the RMP for a statement/interview they seem to action it PDQ

    But I dunno about the squaddies who seem to end their written interviews/statements with declarations such as, "...I realise that my part in this matter may reasonably be seen as being contrary to good order and military discipline and I would prefer to be dealt with under the Army Act 1955..."

  7. Speedkuff.... How droll..!! Betcha your some Traffic Knob that couldn't find his own arrse even with both hands free. Leave the RMP alone. What harm have they ever done you?? Except.....
  8. Nope I ain't a traffic knob and you answered your last question methinks... :wink:
  9. Speedkuff,

    Your views are most interesting and, I am sure, are based on years of watching the sweeney and Inspector Morse. Let's have some examples of where, recently, my colleagues (and as an ex civvy copper I know you are not referring to me in this) have buggered up a crime scene then? I will pass on your nuggets to HQ PM(A) as valuable Lessons Learned.

    Meanwhile, if you fancy playing amateur SOCO, go join Mr Frank Swan (that star of the Forensic world) at Deepcut. Or of course you can just p**s off and bore someone else with your shite preconceptions............ :D

    Kind rgds, your obedient servant etc

  10. Hescoheed,

    Try writing to Provost Marshal (Army) at Upavon rather than badgering AG. I can give you the address if you need it (when I can find the time between abusing witnesses, tampering with evidence or forging

    Yours aye

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  11. SpeedKuff it would be interesting to know your line of work, someone who passes such venomous comments about another policing agency is obviously a wannabe or has been knocked back from joining the RMP or civ pol? Either way it certainly is not professional is it? I find it quite sad that someone with as little experience as you clearly lack, sparks off with pathetic outbursts of abuse.

    What a strange and peculiar chap you are, Latvian chap at that? Now go and clean your skateboard, your little friends are wanting you to go out to play.................
  12. Now there's a strong telling off if ever I saw one.
  13. Well,

    I feel utterly ashamed of my previous outburst.... I can only claim to have done the previous 12 years as a bobby and I have only had a few crown court commendations for excellence in police work and the only work I find myself doing of late is doing three shifts in a patrol car and tutoring now and then. A few murder/major enquiries... When I'm not getting a fatty over Insp. Morse

    Did the exhibits officer course and I know I've helped a few ex RMP types - funny it doesn't seem to be a problem with ex-RAFP, when it comes to stuff like remembering to seal the bag on exhibits, and gently reminding them to include ADVOKATE etc in their statements. Which is surprising really when you consider they're service police already...

    Sorry mate, I take my hat off to the RMP when it comes to CP work and physical security but I'm not overly impressed with the rest of what I've encountered. Possibly because you have to work inside a fairly restrictive framework cos it's the Army maybe that's where you lose the independence when it comes to investigating.

    Individually, I have no particular argument with the RMP but I doubt you'll find many bobbies who are that impressed with em' when it comes to that side of the job and the issues that come with it.

    No doubt you're miles more impressive than me and good luck to you...
  14. As a Civvy bobby, i'm suprised you dare comment about RMP. Other than CID, CivPol have practibly lost all ability to detect crime and are now nothing more than glorified bouncers for Public Order incidents.

    As for RMP being poor at Forensics.

    I came top on my Initial & Dev CSE course, Ferrt course and CSM course at NTCSSCI, I also ran the syndicate for the SSM course for the duration of the course, due to the inability of the other students to make a decision. Btw I have also received commendations for detecting crime by CC Merseyside, W Yorks, Essex and Hampshire.

    Sadly I have also been witness to a PC writing a description of the suspect on the back of a ransom note and a PC throwing a cig butt under the POE of an Att Murder just as the Snr SOCO rocked up - so don't slag off RMP, we like you have good and bad uns

    As for your other comments, do some homework so you don't look like a Muppet - RMP are independant of the Chain of Command and report directly to the PM (A) - See what I mean about losing your detective skills. Your less than impressed Bobby friends I suspect were more than likely ex squaddies, nuff said. At least they should be good at Public Order situations, having done it for real.
  15. If nothing else, these "exchanges" should show hescocuff what he is getting into!