Forensic science degree - Opportunities in the Mod

Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by Olympius, Sep 14, 2009.

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  1. What opportunities are there to someone who holds a forensic science degree. I ask for my brother who is graduating next year and is a bit stuck for choice. He's thinking about the police but I think he'd be more set in the Army/raf/navy.

    Are there any opportunities?

    He's got 3 a levels and 10 gcse's.
  2. Tell him to check out Dstl:

    Lots of forensic style stuff going on there.
    The forces have no forensic capability or anything even resembling it. The people who provide it in the Mod are all Dstl.

    Clearly, the biggest customer in the country for someone like your brother is going to be the Home Office/ Police. No one else really needs those skills. To widen his opportunities it may well be better to fall back on the fact he's a chemist graduate and not worry too much about being in CSI
  3. Cheers pal, that's a real help :)

    He'll be pleased about that
  4. Your degree doesn't have to be relevant to your trade. Over the years I have encountered

    A Navy warfare officer with a degree in Theatre Arts and Mime
    A Mil linguist/Educator - Natural Sciences with Stats and Computing (me actually)
    A Cavalry Officer - Medieval History
    A Signals Officer - Fully qualified Dentist

    and so on. True there are plenty of Sigs/Engrs etc with "relevant" degrees but it isn't vital
  5. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    There are a large number of smaller Forensic companies being set up nowadays since the Forensic Science Service became a private entity and the Police didn't have to use them specifically. Home office and police have limited resources, although some police forces are setting up thier own, the biggest player is still the FSS.

    I'm sure he knows this but I thought I'd mention it, my dad is just about to retire from the FSS after 45 years, he reckons it's all changed since he was a lad (old fart).

  6. In the police forensics is done by the civil staff and the pay isn't great... certainly not at graduate level to start with.

  7. You have to level this off regarding the perceived low pay issue. The police offer the most wanted commodity in any forensic field - Experience. It may be worth taking the police option first and then diversify. In my field the police experience reaps huge dividends.