Forensic readiness courses?

Morning all, I am currently trying to find a course aimed at security and/or IT professionals that gives a grounding in IT forensic readiness and awareness. So far most of the courses I have found seem to be aimed at individuals who are aiming to be full time forensic investigators.

I simply want a course that will raise awareness and give a steer on the important actions to take in the event of a breach (for example) prior to calling in the SMEs. Anyone have any recommendations or done Something similar?
Perhaps a little further down the line but if this line of work is your calling then this kind of thing (all distance learning if you like) can be very beneficial. This lot's (and some other institutions courses) are GCHQ accredited as well.

MSc is also more cost effective than BSc in my experience, mostly I suppose because they are typically 18 months full time and about 30 months part time but have still the kudos you need. It can look unusual to have MSc but no BSc on your CV but this will make sense to an employer when you explain career history.

Advanced Security & Digital Forensics
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Cher all - much appreciated. Will study those links.

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