Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by OOMPALOOMPA, Sep 13, 2005.

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  1. I'll start off........"If you've nothing to do, read the AESP'S"........."I'm not here to be liked"!!!!!!
  2. "I think the OC's idea is really really good"

    They're a special bunch these 4men.
  3. Both by the same FofS

    "Turn your lights off in the back of your det as they only generate heat!"

    "I want a complete ptarmigan conectivity diagram for the whole theatre by 0600L every morning"

    Especially more so on SS2.

    One off's rather than .....isms.
  4. "If your not gonna do the Foreman's course, you should'nt be in the corps"!!!!!!
  5. "How dare you call me sir!!! I am a foreman!"
  6. "I'm with the OC on this one"!!!
  7. Why shouldn't you be in the corps if you want to be a foreman?
  8. "I've had a really good idea" :wink:

  9. Okay.....the idea is??? Excuse me for being slow
  10. "not my responsibility! so fu@* it...." seems to quite popular too
  11. Gents,

    Putting it politley, the above posts are pretty p*ss poor. If you are going to rip into the FofS, then do it with wit and style, otherwise shut up.

    And before you come back with the most obviouse bone question!! Yes I am.


  12. Sort the spelling out Foz!!
  13. Spelling has never been a strong point - thus FofS not YofS, come to think of it numbers are a bit shakey too.

    Without spellchecker I am a lost cause.

  14. A dying thread? I know we are good, but expected a few more bites than that...

    Maybe an IS Engism thread might generate a bit more interest?
  15. So your are a Yeoman then!