Foreman on Golden balls!!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by born_to_solder, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. Just watching golden balls and a foreman we all know is on!!!
  2. Old D*** S*****, two Killers on the front row and blagging his amounts on the back row, was it 12K, 12.5K or really 10K

    Nice blag, he has taken an early bath at round 1.

    Oh for 15mins of fame.
  3. Not for long he wasn't... :lol:
  4. And a new knickname... Foreman Goldenballs is born!
  5. The same Foreman Goldenballs was in London during the airing of the show filming the weakest link!!!!
  6. I take it he wasn't a foreman IS if he didn't manage to bluff it.
  7. He was most successfull on the weakest link, winning it and bagging £3k to boot.

    Not sure when it is on air?? But at least he had more air time than Golden Balls.

    Well Done FofS Goldenballs :D :D
  8. There's a difference between bluffing and being able to adopt a winning attitude by adapting yourself to changing environments. I still tend to do the former though! :D
  9. I concur. A winning attitude carried with style and panache will almost always have the effect of obscuring the blag. Will not work on the majority of Tfc's/TOT's etc who've all played the same game before and besides your usually covering at least one cheek of their arrse.

    Well done Foreman Golden Balls.