Foreman of Signals (BSc Hons) Vs IS Supervisor (NVQ Level 2)

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by BoringBuzzer, Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. It looks like Techs and IS geeks are going to be joining forces soon. Can someone please tell me the point? It seems to me that a large percentage of IS geeks are actually failed technicians who were not deemed good enough to even attempt their class 1. These lesser beings will no doubt go on to become IS Supervisors who laughably think they will earn the title of Foreman of Signals. Why oh Why?????
  2. Actually we get a vocational foundation degree which is equivalent to the first year of a proper degree. The Foreman get granted the first year of there degree before they start there course. Which basically means that the IS Supervisor course finishes where the Foremans course starts.
  3. I notice to pay respect to the Foreman by using his title, yet aim to belittle the Supvr IS to referring to him as an "IS Geek". Your perfectly within your rites to hold contempt for anyone you please, but fishing for bites on your first post is rather pathetic. So what happened then? Fail Sups selection or a Foreman who cant move with the times?
  4. Sorry for not making over 2000 posts. You must be dead busy. IS Sup by any chance?
  5. Oi Buzzer you pathetic troll. Stop being such a boring arseho1e. The same question keeps getting dredged up every few weeks and it's just tedious. Why don't you simply read through the older threads and you'll see that we've done pretty much all the bitching that it's possible to do.
  6. [quote=". The Foreman get granted the first year of there (and its their by the way) degree before they start there course. Which basically means that the IS Supervisor course finishes where the Foremans course starts.[/quote]

    I wouldnt say that a Year of TMA's followed by two rather difficult examinations count as a 1st free Year of a Bsc Hons degree!!
  7. Doesn't matter. The way the Corps is going I reckon they'll combine all the trades by 2015, and re-introduce Basic Signalling Skills.

    Of course, BSS will be the trade qualification, 'cos everything else would've been subbed out by then, cheers easy, nice one.
  8. The pre-requisite of a potential Foreman is that he/she has completed their Class 1 training which is a HNC course. I'm afraid that an HNC coupled with the TMAs and two entrance exams are more than sufficient to count as a first year of the degree.
    A Foreman is probably better educated before he/she starts the FofS cse than an IS sup who has completed their course.
  9. Is HNC a Level 3 qual?
  10. Boring Buzzer - you dare tell people about qualifications when you are not even able to understand basic english.

    'Their' is posessive (belongs to or refers to)

    'There' is discriptive...

    Perhaps primary school would be a better venue for you before you harp on about degrees!
  11. Not anymore it's not (apparently).
  12. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I think so - which makes it an "A" level?
  13. At what point did I harp on about a degree, me n bee? I dont have one. So I would not dare harp on about it, as you say. I was proving a point to some people that this type of topic would create a whirlwind. I think I was right.