Foreigners Who Mangle Our Language

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by pongo6863, Aug 21, 2010.

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  1. Is it just me? I get really annoyed when our language is mangled by foreigners – usually our transatlantic cousins.
    For example:
    Nuclear is not pronounced ‘nooc-yoo-lar’
    An alternate route means that every other vehicle goes that way
    Gotten isn’t a word. You can’t have a past tense suffix to a past tense

    It’s not just foreigners, unfortunately. Why is it that the word ‘gay’ now has a rather sordid sexual connotation when it actually means cheerful, happy, bright and showy?

    On the other hand I find it amusing when a West Indian says ‘axed’ when he means ‘asked’.

    Does anyone else have any pet lingual hates?
  2. Women with sharp teeth.
  3. Sitting on a tube train at school chucking out time and having to listen to the noise (there is no other word for it) that passes for yoof speak.
  4. Should we all be talking like Shakespeare still then? :)

    Wasn't English just a bastardisation of a language brought back from some random Dutch island by the Navy and made fashionable with royals, toffs and the like?
  5. Should hear some of the howlers English make with our language, fecking foreingers **** off back to where you come from(east of Offa's Dyke)!:)
  6. I served in Germany for 10 years, and have lived in West Cork Ireland for the last three.

    I manage to mangle their languages. So fairs fair.

    Owf Veedersane.
  7. My bold: My particular pet hate that has me screaming at the television whenever I hear it used on some show or other, usually American.

    I work for a consultant surgeon who is originally from Tenerife. Despite having trained in UK hospitals for over ten years and been in his current post for over four years, he still cannot say the word "sincerely". Every letter he dictates ends "yours sin-seriously"...
  8. I'm not sure of that. Medieval English was a form of Anglo Saxon, the taught language by and to scholars was Latin and there was a strong influence of french, which was spoken by royalty and such. This started to change sfter the 100 yrs war and Chaucer and Shakespeare were instrumental in forming the language into speech a lot closer to as it is today. With the exception of chavs, black speak and other fuckwits though, innit.
  9. they don't need to be foreign.......

    my dearly beloved, instead of saying 'As long as...' says 'if longs....'. It drives me bloody potty!!!
  10. I do think language evolves naturally; meanings change, pronunciation varies, grammar wobbles about and that will always happen. But (starts sentence with a conjunction) one thing that is annoying me at the moment is the loss of the word "against."

    To give an example, "We are protesting the Pope's visit." Surely they are protesting AGAINST the Pope's visit. In fact to "protest the visit" would imply support, as in "protesting one's innocence." This also happens with "appealing the decision/verdict etc." when, in fact, they are appealing AGAINST the decsion/verdict.
  11. ancienturion

    ancienturion LE Book Reviewer

    The one which really annoys, especially when watching TV news of any channel is the pronunciation "contra-versy" instead of controversy.
  12. We mangle the language ourselves this is partly due to the fact that English is 'dynamic' and constantly changing and partly due to a poor education system and the poor example shown by the press and media.

    The colonies however do tend to mangle it in a different direction, although they are not always wrong...

    Gotten used to be quite correct in Shakespeare's day (and still survives in 'Forgotten'), it's just that we have changed it and the yanks use it in it's original form. Similarly with the word 'Hog' where we now use 'Pig'

    Incorrect grammar does bug me, however I do not blame individuals for this but the poor examples that influence them.

    Text speak has it's place but it is not clever to use it where it is not appropriate.

    Putting a question mark at the end of a statement does not make it into a question, it just makes it looks silly (but not to our transatlantic cousins, I suppose)

    You think this is OK? :)
  13. That one really gets me too. Also distri-butors instead of distributors along with Adver-tisements.
  14. Replying to a question with your first words being "I mean". How can you be clarifying a point when you haven't actually said anything yet.

    And the way that people throw in "like", "sort of" and "kind of" randomly in sentences, I blame that illiterate fuckwit Jamie Oliver, "you sort of boil it". Do you boil it or not?
  15. Not to mention our ambassador for tattoo parlours and hosting the World Cup, Dayveed Beckham.