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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Queensman, Mar 4, 2011.

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  1. With the latest round of belt-tightening looming large, the Government/MoD have, once again, the golden opportunity to do away with our friendly little chums from Nepal. At the same time they should surely be looking to kerb the drafting of Commonwealth people into the Army.

    The dear sainted and thoroughly irresponsible Joanna Lumley (who seems to have lost interest in her charges) needs to be sectioned and the country needs to snap out of the misty eyed sentimentality that descends as soon as Gurka is mentioned. Have a stroll through Aldershot these days and see what a mistake it all was. It'll only get worse.

    Whilst the government is quite rightly looking at reigning in the amount it fritters away on 'Overseas Aid' on undeserving causes, at the same time it would be wise to consider saving money (our money) and spending it on 'us'!

    I think it is a travesty that British citizens will be slung out of their own armed forces in great number over the next three or four years, whilst those not of these shores will not.
  2. You are tekirdag and I claim my 5 Nepali Rupees...
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    No he isnt silly, he is however right in many respects and I'm sure that targetting the money at welfare projects in Nepal would be better!
    If I lived over there I certainly wouldnt want to move toAldershot or Hastings or Nuneaton!
    there are a few who have settled since leaving and have set up and run business but there should really be a means test, if you cant support yourself then you shouldnt come here. I'd be happy with proper job offers and housing rented but we shouldnt become a welfare holiday destination!
    I suspect that as with options for change not always the right people will be let go. Its the same outside when this sort of thing happens.
  4. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Guess nobody told the bogus asylum seekers, the EU migrants who have no intention of working and West African/SE Asian NHS abusers then. We are already a laughing stock and hand - outs haven, so we can't really blame yet more people for jumping on the 'streets paved with gold' bus can we?
  5. It's all well and good getting on the 'Them & Us' jobs bandwagon now Queensman but it's been a hot topic for years in civvy street.

    I think Joanna should be made to live in Aldershot. In the same way all p'oily-ticians should be made to have homes where there are windfarms, power stations or backing onto motorways and new rail links.

    Will it ever happen ? 'Course not.

  6. I feel a Channel Four programme coming along.
    For every Chav/dole scrounger/paedo etc etc that is offed,yer man gets a bonus point,the more points the more Gurkas are allowed into the UK.
  7. Tut tut, you can't say things like that on Arrse, you'll have all the apologist falling over themselves to accuse you of being "Rasist, neo Nazi etc" , The fact that its true doesn't matter, you'll have to be sent to the salt mines or at least the Gordon Brown hospital for the bewildered, for a harsh course of brainwashing, sorry re-education in the joys & benefits of Multiculturalism! :)
  8. So Richard Dawson is coming out of retirement to host a new season of "The Running Man" then? :?
  9. So are you saying we should not have any windfarms, power stations or motorways?
  10. How the **** are we supposed to consistently beat the navy every year if the original posters idea comes to fruition and we boot out or beloved Fijian ringers?
  11. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    So that I end up being an in-denial apologist too? :) Or worse, a Labour voter (whom the people I mentioned become upon qualifying to vote)?
  12. @OP:
    Maybe we should just get rid of thse who can't pass the basic fitness requirements and/or are crap at their jobs first.

    Those Commonwealth soldiers you are so keen to get rid of are probably a minute percentage of the above.
  13. They would have to lose their Fijians too, so we would still be in the catbird seat!
  14. Between this and your unfortunate comment regarding provincial accents in another thread, you are in danger of appearing to be a nasty old-school tory, Queensman!

    Don't you know they're all pink and fluffy these days?
  15. If that right, and who do you think has the most cases of CWI (So can't do duties or exercises)?