Foreigners in the British military?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Ord_Sgt, May 17, 2003.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I have a friend whose mother has British citizenship but he is Dutch and has been told he cannot claim a British passport. He is interested in joining the British military, but is not yet sure which branch.

    Anyway the question is can a Dutch person join the Brit military? Anybody have a definitive answer or know where he can get it?

  2. Did he get the negative reply when he applied to join the Army or did he get it when he asked the Home Office?

    If the Army wants him enough they may be able to negotiate something with the home office. So try the careers office again or approach his preferred Corps.

    Good luck
  3. I was under the impression that the Army was desperately trying to recruit foreigners in order to fulfil some 'target' or 'quota'  laid down by the Ministry of Correctness.  Dutchmen don't count as their melanin quotient isn't high enough, and they owe their loyalty to something closer to the UK than some little yellow god to the North of Khathmandu.

    Tell him to black up and get an immigration lawyer.
  4. You dont have to have a british passport to join the army i have a friend in the army who applied for a british passport but got refused so its allright to fight and die for the british but they still would not give him a passport great eh
  5. I think that anyone with british parents or as a member of the commonwealth can apply for the Army.
  6. Yes, but you also have to have been resident in either the UK or a Commonwealth Country for the past 5 years before applying, which may be a reason for being turned down. Best thing to do is speak directly with the SO1 recruiting for the regiment he is interested in, if they want him enough they will find a way to circumvent the rules.

    I am moving this to the Adjutant's Office as you will probably get a better answer in that forum.
  7. Nah 'cobber' - colour's nothing to do with it.   It's just that unlike British soldiers (including Ghurkas), you couldn't trust a Cloggy not to blow the gaff on national secrets.   I mean they smoke weed, and everything.
  8. Why does he not just join the Cloggy Army - much more chilled;

    just shmoke a cigarette and sip a coffee.
  9. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    Mmmmm, yes, generally, but there are exceptions, and I'm one of them.  The Rep of Ireland is not in the Commonwealth or indeed the UK but still manages to produce not few members of HM Forces!   So there is some sort of precedent...  And if all else fails, he could point out that King William was Dutch but it was good enough for parliament to ask him to come over and be king in the 17th century!
  10. It should be mentioned though mr Purple, that the republic is a unique case.

    Before I continue, let me make it very, very, VERY clear that I do not object in the slightest to Southern Irish persons joining the British Military, I won't go into the usual mushy crap about how much we love them because of the dangers etc or the other flip of the coin about people joining to learn the tricks of the trade, that’s another debate. I have served with people, only one, if the truth is to be known, that was from eire and a republican (in principle), but at least he was honest about it, I trusted him, the rest of the guys trusted him and he didn't blow us up (sorry ;D)

    Like it or not, recruiting from eire is a political manoeuvre, it slightly shortens the political distance between the UK and the republic. I do not dispute that some of our finest stem from the republic, but, it is still a political manoeuvre. As far as I am concerned, long may it continue.

    Where foreign citizenship enters into this discussion though, I think that the original poser of the question has got zero chance. The "quota" of which people speak is one of "ethnic diversity", not "foreign diversity". i.e., he would stand more chance if he was a muslim fanatic who had claimed citizenship by illegally entering the country as a would be suicide bomber from Chechnya, who then claimed he would be executed by the Russians for blowing a supermarket up, than if he was a direct descendant of a British national who lived in a friendly country

    He's got no chance for BritMil, I agree with BS, just Shmojke a shjigarrete and chill ;D
  11. I know a South African bloke who has been a Troop Commander at Hereford for about 4 years and the Home Office are trying to deport him for not having a work permit.
  12. Only Just seen this post, so sorry for tardy reply. I had a friend (no really) in exactly the same situation, he was allowed to join the British Army.
  13. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    How exactly? I mean, what nationality was he? Dutch, as in this case? The dreaded EU or Commonwealth?
  14. Yes, he was dutch, and I beleive they have some form of national service, as he was serving in the British Army, there was a bit of a "problem" after a bit of diplomatic rangling, he got off of this as he was already serving in a European Army.
  15. National service in Holland no longer exists, so that won't be a problem anymore. I think it's disgraceful that you can't get a British passport if one of your parents is English and the other is European. Bloody hell are we in the EU or not??? it's not as if he's from Verwegistan for goodness sakes! Luckily for me I have always had a British passport, my mother is Dutch and my father is English.

    Let him join I say, coz the Dutch army is a pile of pants.