Foreign workers statistics

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jagman, Feb 12, 2009.

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    I thought I was aware of the scale of the problem, the Office of National Statistics actually shows it to be a bigger issue than I thought.
    we have 2.4 million foreign workers and 2 million unemployed....

    Apparently Ministers are "fizzing" about the ONS publishing the figures
  2. The 2.4 million foreign workers does not include all the illegals.
  3. And with their open boarder policy, you have to look at Whitehall to ask WHY there are SO many now littering OUR Great Britain?

    I read something last week to say "That out of those illegals some 7,000 ready for deportation, only 700 were removed last year"!

    How many aircraft are flying Half Full to these countries all over the world where these illegal scroungers come from? How many frieght ships do the same? Where there's a will, there's a way!!
  4. Illegals are difficult to get a number on, estimates seem to be about 1 million.
    That means we have in the region of 3.5 million foreign workers in Britain.
    We don't really have any excuse for people being unemployed for more than a few weeks do we?
    How much of the £180 billion Social Security cost could be removed by dealing with this issue?
  5. Getting rid of the foreign workers will have little effect as their jobs will be absorbed by all the UK workers who currently work abroad who will have to come home. If you add to that the disruption to UK industry whilst this great change over of labour takes place the loss to the nation will be substantial.

    There is no real problem though with getting rid of the illegals, but for a long time now we have not had a civil service capable of actually identifying them never mind deporting them if they could find them.
  6. Thats a valid argument Maxi
    However I don't think anyone anywhere is suggesting a blanket ban on foreign workers.
    What needs to be addressed is the way the jobs market is currently loaded in favour of foreign workers.
    As a country we cannot afford to support millions of unemployed when work is out there for people.

    Getting rod of the illegals alone and persuading our own dole walla's into the jobs would halve unemployment.
  7. The 'control freak', the 'one not to be argued with', the 'unelected unelectable one', the'monocular sweaty idiot' will be mightily cross.

    Stand by for:

    a. Charges against ONS staff.
    b. Legislation against allowing statistics to gainsay the government line.

    When will we be rid of this corrupted, dishonest, disgraced, greedy, inept and deceitful government?
  8. yeh, kick 'em all out. But who will do their menial jobs when they leave? The Brits on the dole? Half are serial work dodgers, the other half trained in other professions and on the dole because OUR banks fecked up the economy. Maybe we could bring back the millions of ex-pat Brits who have left our shores and setteled in foreign lands? No, that wouldn't do, would it.

    It's all right for us to live and work overseas, taking their jobs and their women/men, inflating house prices and refusing to learn the language, but how dare they come here and do all of our shite work and pay tax to keep work shy Brits on the dole.

    And what about sending back all the non-Brits who make up the numbers in our army, fighting and dying for us? Then you can get on with sending back all those with dark skin. Then those who came across the Irish sea and keep our shore Anglo-Saxon. Ah, but if we send them back you need to send the Normans back, they are only French. Then we can send back the Norsemen. But the Angles and Saxons were invaders as well, so they go as well. That leaves the Celts. But hang on, the Celts were a tribe from Spain, so who does that leave?

    The neanderthals whose decendants are serial dole scroungers today. True Brits, gawd bless 'em!
  9. How very dare you bring common sense and facts into this pathetically xenophobic discussion Specialone. For shame :D
  10. Klasse!

  11. Oh fair enough PTP
    Dreadfully sorry that some of us think a million plus illegal foreign workers are an issue :D
    I did actually point out that virtually nobody is advocating wholesale eviction of everyone not British for 10 generations abck but lets not cloud the issue with details eh?
    What I did actually say, as opposed to Specialone's interpretation to it, is that there needs to be a level playing field that makes it possible for British workers to compete.

    Label it xenophobia if it suits you, in the meantime the country can continue to slide into decline.
    We can always put our fingers in our ears and shout blah blah blah in a Sven/Ashie like manner or we can seek to do something constructive. Whish do you prefer?
  12. The million illegals aren't the problem, they're doing jobs our home grown workshy won't do in a lot of cases.

    The problem is motivating our workshy. Perhaps you should refer to your own excellent post in the recession thread?
  13. It would knacker the NHS if all they were sent home to NONE EU countries!!
  14. I do not believe we need to motivate our dros and workshy........
    we need to stop rewarding them with money and housing for fcuk all :x
  15. To be frank its all part and parcel of the same problem and in truth I have no grudge against foreign workers themselves. I work with plenty.
    Unless we shift our indginous workshy into these jobs the burden on the state can only increase.
    Unfortunatly burden on the state is actually a euphamism for a drain on the taxpayer.